TSIA's 2016 Service Capability Heatmap

Posted by Thomas Lah on 2/2/16 7:30 AM

Tech companies are currently experiencing an incredible disruption to their tried-and-true business models. While traditional products will always remain an important revenue source, now is the time for technology providers to develop more subscription-based cloud offers in order to meet changing customer expectations and keep pace with industry trends. To make the transition from a product-based business model to one that includes technology-as-a-service (XaaS) offers go as smoothly as possible, leaders need to know which service capabilities to invest in before making the change. To provide some guidance on this journey, TSIA has created the 2016 Service Capability Heatmap.

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Topics: XaaS (x-as-a-service), cloud, service capabilities

3 Ways for Education Services to Get Ahead in 2015

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 3/19/15 10:30 AM

One of TSIA’s primary goals is to help technology services organizations continue to effectively run their services businesses, while adapting to the changes that are necessary to survive and thrive in the future. This year, we’ve identified three key organizational capabilities education services should be leveraging to stay ahead of industry trends. (Tweet this!)

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Topics: education services, service capabilities, organizational capabilities

Making Products A Priority for Professional Services

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 2/26/15 6:30 AM

With the rise in adoption of cloud and subscription-based solutions, many professional services organizations are feeling increased pressure to move away from products and product-attach services in favor of providing customer outcomes. However, for many PSOs, it actually makes more sense to continue improving their Level 2 offers before seeking out new Level 3 and Level 4 opportunities.

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Topics: professional services, service capabilities

Invest Smarter: Top Service Capabilities You Should Develop in 2015

Posted by Thomas Lah on 2/5/15 6:30 AM

It’s no secret that the technology services industry has experienced a dramatic shift in recent years when it comes to customer demands. In an effort to overcome the emerging challenges as a result of this change, more businesses are developing new and improved service capabilities that promote customer outcomes. While investing time and money into the right capabilities will allow your business to continue to grow, how do you determine which capabilities will be the most beneficial to your organization?

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