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Dispelling Myths About Professional Services Automation - Webinar Recap

Posted by John Ragsdale on 7/29/14 9:30 AM

Adoption of professional service automation (PSA) is on the rise, and it can make a big difference to your operational success. According to TSIA PS benchmark reports, companies that incorporate PSA see higher billable utilization, better rate utilization, fewer days to staff projects, increased project margins, and lower field costs when compared to their industry peers.

Unfortunately, there continues to be a few misconceptions and outdated ideas about how beneficial PSA is for professional services organizations, which is keeping companies from realizing their full potential through automation. In this webinar, I joined Steve Beaumont, services market manager of TSIA partner Planview, to address common questions and dispel some of the myths about professional services automation. 

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Introducing TSIA's Service Revenue Generation Expansion Package

Posted by Julia Stegman on 7/25/14 11:33 AM

Dynamics within the technology industry are changing rapidly to focus on providing more service-based offerings to customers, but the shift can be both intimidating and slow going without a detailed plan in place. There’s been an industry-wide, 80 billion dollar reduction in revenue, and this can be attributed to both hardware and software companies simply not knowing what steps they need to take in order to become Level 3 and Level 4 suppliers focused on driving customer technology adoption and delivering business outcomes.

TSIA has introduced an expanded service revenue generation (SRG) membership program that now provides coverage for the emerging area of account expansion as well as its traditional focus on service annuity renewal. This addendum to our previous model includes brand-new strategies to help your company evolve and increase service-based revenue.

In this post, we’ll answer some common questions about what you can expect with this expansion and how TSIA can further help guide you down the correct path to developing new organizational capabilities.

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[Infographic] Benchmarking Managed Services Performance: How Do You Compare?

Posted by George Humphrey on 7/22/14 9:30 AM

Comparing your company’s performance against that of your peers is key to not only getting an edge on the competition, but also maintaining the health of your organization. But just what is the industry standard baseline for managed services providers?

TSIA’s MS research team has collected and analyzed benchmark data from a core sample of managed services providers in an effort to create a starting point that will allow you to compare and contrast your company’s performance against others within your industry.

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Customer Success Key Capabilities: Webinar Recap

Posted by Thomas Lah on 7/17/14 9:06 AM

With the ever-growing trend of businesses offering technology as a service, many existing customer support organizations are reinventing themselves as facilitators of “customer success.” These companies still offer support services to fix problems as they crop up, but their main priority has shifted to improving the value they bring to their customers and increase adoption and retention.

In this webinar, we explored the idea of customer success as a broad capability many businesses already possess, and how company charters can be reprioritized from the role of a support organization to one that promotes customer success.

Here’s a recap of the key points, in case you missed it.

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How Using Social Media Can Transform Your Support Services Strategy

Posted by Jodi Beuder on 7/7/14 12:34 PM

There are clear indicators that the adoption of social media will only continue to increase. If your company still operates with social media confined to the silo of the marketing department, read on to see why social media belongs in technology support services, and learn how to make it work effectively for your company. 

The field of support services is demanding, complex, and constantly changing. In technology support services, you are tasked with knowing what trends make smart investment sense, and what industry changes are short-term fads that you should not waste your resources on.

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Choosing a Professional Services Sales Model That's Right for You

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 7/1/14 12:59 PM

An optimized PS sales model helps organizations set realistic goals and gain competitive edge. Discover how to choose a PS sales model that's right for you! 

Discussions continue in organizations across the globe as they look to optimize their professional sales (PS) sales models―and for good reason. An optimized PS sales model helps organizations set realistic goals, put strategies into place that will help them achieve those goals, all while gaining competitive advantage.

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Measuring the Impact of Utilization: The Two PS Charters

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 6/24/14 2:15 PM

Of all the key performance indicators tracked by professional services organizations, utilization arguably provides the greatest, most telling insight into a PSO’s operational performance. So it's important to get it right. Discover the fundamentals of effectively measuring and setting targets for utilization. 

Utilization continues to be a hot topic of discussion and debate, and for good reason. Of all the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tracked by professional services (PS) organizations, utilization arguably provides the greatest, most telling insight into a PSO’s operational performance, so getting it right is important. In this article, I’ll share one of the core fundamentals for effectively measuring and setting targets for utilization.

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Creating a Powerful, Entrepreneurial On-Site Sales Force

Posted by Vele Galovski on 6/23/14 12:34 PM

By expanding the role of operational staff to include a secondary sales responsibility, you will be able to significantly increase adoption of your services and drive incremental revenue. And here's the best part: You’ll have plenty of money to count, orders to fulfill, and customers to serve.

Nothing happens in any business until a sale is made. There is no order to fulfill, no customer to serve, no money to count. So who do you entrust with this all-important job? . . . Everyone.

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2014 Mid Year Trends: Knowledge Management, Social, and PSA

Posted by John Ragsdale on 6/17/14 12:40 PM

TSIA's vice president of technology and social research John Ragsdale discusses the top three trends in service technology so far in 2014.

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Redefining Customer Experience for the Cloud -- Part 2

Posted by Neil Jain and Singu Srinivas on 6/12/14 12:46 PM

Part 2 of a two-part miniseries that discusses key imperatives that can help you drive recurring revenue through maintenance, customer support, and retention (MCR). The MCR model can help you get to the next stahe of cloud services growth.

Maintenance, customer support and retention (MCR) functions are moving to the forefront of the business as part of themost essential areas for driving profitability. Understanding how best to operate, organize, and enable these functions are critical for exceeding customer expectations, delivering business benefits, and growing the downstream recurring revenue base for each account. 

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