What Makes a Successful Learning-as-a-Service Offer

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 1/22/15 6:30 AM

The XaaS model, which refers to “anything”-as-a-service, has become a hot topic in the technology services industry. In response to this growing trend, education service providers are starting to develop learning-as-a-service (LaaS) offers that include cloud-based tools, providing customers with even more accessibility to education resources that benefit learners and educators alike. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you get started in creating your own LaaS offering.

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Topics: mobile learning, XaaS, education services, e-learning, LaaS

The Expand Selling Practices and Metrics Survey is Now Open!

Posted by Mark Middlekamp on 1/20/15 6:30 AM

TSIA’s 1st Annual Expand Selling Practices and Metrics Survey is now open! With this survey, we’ll baseline where the tech industry currently stands within key areas, and begin to identify industry high-water marks and best practices. Contact me directly to receive a private invitation to participate in the survey, as well as the webinar where we will go over our findings. 

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Topics: service revenue, expand selling

How the Top 50 Tech Companies Are Being Affected by Current Trends

Posted by Thomas Lah on 1/15/15 6:30 AM

As we head into 2015, we'd like to get a glimpse of what's on the horizon for technology services by taking a closer look at the most recent industry trends. To do this, we'll be referencing the TSIA Service 50 index, which tracks the service and revenue profit trends of a sampling of the top 50 companies in the industry from public record data sources. Join us for our upcoming webinar where we will go over the latest findings, but first, let's briefly recap what we've learned so far. 
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Topics: B4B, Service 50

The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Success

Posted by Jodi Beuder on 1/13/15 6:30 AM

When working in customer facing businesses, there are a number of terms thrown around that revolve around the customer. We hear such phrases as “customer service,” “customer success,” “customer experience,” “customer loyalty,” used repeatedly, but just because these phrases are common within our industry, it doesn’t mean that their meanings are obvious. We’re going to focus on clarifying the difference between two phrases that are often confused with one another: customer service and customer success.

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Topics: customer loyalty, customer success, customer support

How to Connect Your Service Offers to Business Value: Part 1

Posted by Julia Stegman on 1/9/15 6:30 AM

Over the past year, we’ve talked a lot about the emergence of B4B and the growing need for product-focused companies to become customer outcome-focused, but there is still a lot of confusion about how to accomplish this transformation. In this three part blog series, I will be outlining the key capabilities required in order to make the transition, how to identify customer outcomes, and how your company can take the plunge toward offering outcomes as part of your pricing model. 

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Topics: B4B, service revenue generation, customer outcomes

Technology Services Europe is Almost Here, Don't Miss Out!

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 1/6/15 6:30 AM

Technology Services Europe is the most powerful and cost-effective way to learn, engage, and share strategies, best practices, and solutions to achieve Corporate Growth in the Age of Services.

Join us in Berlin, 17-18 March 2015, for an unforgettable opportunity to discover the key strategies top industry professionals and businesses, just like yours, are using to thrive in what is has been the most challenging, exciting, and revolutionary time our industry has ever experienced. 

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Topics: B4B, TSE, Technology Services Europe

A Year of Service Industry Transformation: A Look Back at 2014

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 12/23/14 8:03 AM

As 2014 draws to a close, the TSIA research team wanted to provide a brief recap of the top trends, lessons learned, and key takeaways the past year had to offer. Let's take a look at what we've learned this year, as well as what's on the horizon for the technology services industry in 2015.

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Education Services: Building and Maintaining a Successful Subscription-Based Business

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 12/22/14 9:30 AM


It used to be that the only thing a subscription bought you was a magazine, the newspaper, or maybe a gym membership. Clearly, times have changed. Products and services now offered via a subscription model abound, and they range from the simple, such as a weekly box of organic snacks, to the sophisticated, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). With such diversity in the types of companies providing subscription-based offers, what approach should education services (ES) organizations consider in building and maintaining a successful subscription business?

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Topics: XaaS, SaaS, education services, subscription services, business optimization, subscription-based offers, LaaS, 12 Days of Insights

Technology and the Customer Experience

Posted by Jodi Beuder on 12/20/14 9:30 AM

It is clear that customer service is no longer in the silo of the customer support department, housed principally in a contact center. Instead, customer service needs to be implemented across various touch points within a company, including the company’s web platform and on their social media channels. IT departments are adapting to cloud-based and mobile-based platforms to make all these touch points sync together. 

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Topics: customer experience, technology, big data, cloud, mobile, social media, customer support, technology trends, CRM, customer service, 12 Days of Insights

Support in the Era of Consumption Economics

Posted by David Kay on 12/19/14 9:30 AM


I’'ve heard quite a few support leaders say that they know they’'re doing a good job because they're resolving issues quickly and their customer satisfaction surveys are good. Because, you know, that's what support does. Close cases. Quickly. In a way that satisfies customers. Mission accomplished; let's grab a beer!

Not so fast.

This belief begs the question of why the support organization exists. Because most of the activity, headcount, and budget are tied up in closing cases, it's easy to assume that the business of support is closing cases, full stop. But that's far too limited a view of our business.

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Topics: customer satisfaction, Consumption Economics, FCR, CSAT, customer retention, loyalty, 12 Days of Insights


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