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SRG_TSIA_Member_SurveyThis year’s TSIA Emerging Offerings Survey is now open! While participation in this survey is only available to TSIA Service Revenue Generation (SRG) member companies, we’d like to share what we’ve learned from last year’s results, what emerging trends we aim to uncover this year, as well as invite you to participate and share in this unique research opportunity by becoming a member of TSIA’s SRG discipline.

Highlights from Last Year’s Survey

In last year’s survey, we sought to discover the new service attributes emerging in the market, analyze trends in managed service offerings, provide insight on service marketing best practices, and assess how quickly technology companies are shifting their recurring services portfolios to include adoption services.

Here are a couple of takeaways from last year's survey:

  • Managed services and fee-based support services for cloud computing models are experiencing the most growth.
  • Managed service offerings are differentiated in the market by providing support not only for the OEM's equipment and/or software, but also for other vendor's equipment/software, along with the customer's network.
  • The industry made solid progress on shifting more customers to fee-based support services in cloud computing business models. In fact, there was a 10-point increase in percentage of customers that were upsold to fee-based support services.


Snapshot from last year's survey results showing the rate of growth for managed services, subscription services, and maintenance and support contracts based on survey responses.

TSIA members have access to the complete report of the 2013/2014 Emerging Offerings Survey results. We are eager to analyze the progress we've made as an industry on many service revenue growth initiatives through this year's survey.  

About This Year’s TSIA Emerging Offerings Survey

Technology companies are investing tremendous amounts of energy to expand and innovate their annuity-based offerings. As a result, these profitable, recurring service revenues are drastically improving top line revenue and margin growth. The objectives of this year’s survey are to provide insights on questions that are top of mind for TSIA’s SRG Members, including:

  1. Cloud Computing Models – How is the industry progressing with selling premium support offerings? Which service attributes are getting the most traction, and how are these support offerings priced?
  2. Adoption Services - How quickly are technology companies evolving their portfolios to include the new category of offerings called “Adoption Services"? Are they offered for free or on a fee basis, and how are they being packaged and priced?
  3. Customer Success Roles - What is the evolving role of the Technical Account Manager and Customer Success Manager to make the pivot towards service offerings that help customers achieve their business outcomes?
  4. Support Offerings - How are premium/platinum maintenance and support offerings differentiated from basic maintenance and support offerings? What new service attributes are emerging in the market, and how prominent are proactive, preventive, and predictive service capabilities?
  5. Managed Service Offerings - What are the trends with Managed Service offerings, and how are these offerings differentiated from premium/platinum support services?
  6. Service Marketing Best Practices - What are the common service marketing practices across the industry, including market analysis, pricing methodologies, packaging of offerings, and customer segmentation?

This survey is specifically directed toward the members of your organization who are responsible for the recurring service portfolio development for:

  • Maintenance and support contracts
  • Support services for cloud computing (and hosted) platforms
  • Managed services

TSIA SRG members are eligible to participate in Emerging Offering Survey and can take the first step by contacting our Member Success team. The survey should only take about an hour to complete, and all participants will receive a detailed summary of the survey findings shortly after the survey closes. The deadline for survey submissions is December 17, 2014. If you have questions about the survey, or would like more information about membership in TSIA’s SRG discipline, feel free to email me directly and I’ll be happy to help. Thank you in advance for your participation and support of this important research initiative!

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julia-stegman_80x100.pngJulia Stegman is vice president of research, leading TSIA’s efforts in industry benchmarking, research, and thought leadership in the area of Service Revenue Generation. She is responsible for driving the TSIA research agenda related to the growth of maintenance, SaaS, and managed service revenues as well as the expansion of product revenues with existing customers. 

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