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Adoption_Consumption_Outcome_Metrics_SurveyTSIA's 1st Annual Adoption, Consumption, and Outcome Metrics Survey is now open! Big data and analytics have been leveraged by B2C companies for over a decade, and B2B companies are starting to catch up quickly – but how quickly? At TSIA, we have challenged our members to develop analytic capabilities, particularly consumption analytic capabilities to optimize services, create new offerings, and help their customers achieve specific outcomes. This survey will determine the current analytic capabilities of tech services, and the resulting benefits.


About the Adoption, Consumption and Outcome Metrics Survey

The survey tracks how companies measure & leverage data from three sources:

  • Purchase and Installation - While we expect everyone to track purchase information, questions remain as to what details are captured and shared within service organizations, such as product and service features, as well as information about specific end users in a customer environment.

  • Consumption and Adoption - Are companies able to track how customers use hardware, software, and services after the initial purchase and installation? If so, how do they measure it and does the information impact service quality and profitability?

  • Outcomes - Most companies write white papers and case studies about a handful of customers demonstrating how their platform helps customers achieve certain goals. But, how many companies are systematically collecting customer business outcome information? How many are tracking customer financial and key performance indicators that track the accomplishment of these goals? For those service organizations that are tracking this information, how has it affected their service business?

The survey is open to all, and should only take 10 minutes to complete. Everyone who completes the survey will be invited to a private webinar on January 13, 2015 to review the results. Take the survey here! Survey ends at midnight, December 17Thanks to all of you for reading and spreading the word. I look forward to seeing the results and sharing our findings!


About the Author

JeremyDJeremy DalleTezze, PhD, is director of data analytics for TSIA. He joined TSIA to assist the organization in better leveraging its data sources to uncover insights for members, as well as to create a framework for service organizations to develop analytic capabilities. 

His professional background includes positions as a senior analyst, analytics consultant, and assistant professor of business. As a result, he has worked with both small and large corporations on topics such as revenue forecasting, retail chain optimization, web analytics, text mining, and customer analytics. Jeremy may be reached at

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