[Infographic] Are You Optimizing Your Contract Renewal Potential?

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When even just one point of improvement in your renewal rate can translate to millions of dollars, your customer retention rate can make a huge impact on your bottom line. But just how optimized is your current renewal process? TSIA analyzed the renewal maturity models from 35 global companies to gain insight into their maintenance and support contract revenues, and this infographic outlines their best practices.

Get an inside look at how the customer growth and retention strategies of these top companies drove their performance, such as optimizing the renewal of current service revenues and adopting a renewal model that includes expand selling. How do you measure up to the best practices of these pacesetting companies?


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To learn more about how you can better optimize your renewal potential, watch this free on-demand webinar where you’ll discover how these industry pacesetters are maximizing their customer spend with recurring service revenues.

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Julia Stegman is vice president of research, Service Revenue Generation, for TSIA. She has over 25 years of experience in the high-technology industry, and is responsible for driving the TSIA research agenda related to the growth of maintenance, SaaS, and managed service revenues as well as the expansion of product revenues with existing customers. 

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