[Infographic] Learn How to Grow Customers at TSW 2015 Service Transformations

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 7/30/15 6:30 AM

Looking to grow your top-line revenue? While it’s always important to land new customers, many technology companies are overlooking the untapped source of potential revenue from within their existing customer base. Join us October 19-21 at the ARIA Resort & Casino for TSW 2015 Service Transformations, where you can learn how to get started on the right path to Growing Customers Successfully through driving adoption and delivering customer outcomes.

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3 Ways to Increase Service Revenue with Total Customer Focus

Posted by Paul Hesselschwerdt on 7/28/15 6:30 AM

Increasing revenue and profit with your service organization requires your people to shift their thinking and behavior in three fundamental ways: be proactive, get to real needs, and reach balanced outcomes.

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Breaking News of How Analytics are Enabling Services Growth

Posted by Vele Galovski and Harald Kopp on 7/24/15 6:30 AM

We interrupt our regularly scheduled IoT blog series to bring you an extraordinary earnings report from an industrial equipment company that highlights the significant role of smart, connected products and IoT in driving services growth.
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How to Structure Your Managed Services Organization

Posted by George Humphrey on 7/23/15 6:30 AM

One of the top challenges facing today’s managed service providers is the shape and structure of their managed services organization. Whether you’re starting or will be starting a new MS business in the near future, here’s an example of an ideal MS organization structure and the functions of each of the key roles. 

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Learn How to Monetize Emerging Service Offers: TSIA Executive Summit

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 7/21/15 6:30 AM

Find out how new higher-value service offers are impacting the European market by joining us for an exclusive TSIA Executive Summit in London on September 14th! At this free half-day working session, you’ll learn how to monetize a variety of next generation service offers from a diverse community of executives at leading technology companies.

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What Should You Charge for Professional Services?

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 7/16/15 6:30 AM

Determining your pricing strategy for professional services is no easy task. While it’s important to remain competitive, you also need to be careful to not give your valuable services away for free. So, how do you determine what to set your pricing at so it holds up in the market place and positively impacts your bottom line? In this post, I’ll explain how you can use the TSIA Market Rates Study to answer some of your top questions related to pricing in professional services. 

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Customer Onboarding: What's Next?

Posted by Judith Platz on 7/14/15 6:30 AM

Customer onboarding is more than simply getting a customer up and running with your solution. It’s about making sure you’re prepared to answer your customer’s next question, “What’s next?” Here’s a look at how you can improve your customer onboarding process to not only get them set up, but started down the right path to successfully adopting and achieving their desired outcomes with your products and services.

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Topics: customer success, onboarding, optimization

The Outcome-Based Services Portfolio

Posted by Thomas Lah on 7/10/15 8:27 AM

In our book, B4B: How Technology and Big Data Are Reinventing the Customer-Supplier Relationship, we talk about how TSIA is helping technology companies prepare for a radical shift in their business models as they move away from selling product assets and product attach services and begin delivering business outcomes for customers. As stepping-stone in this journey, we’ve created a set of frameworks to provide an overview of the kinds of outcome-based services your organization can offer. 

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Topics: outcome-based services, pricing, adoption services, B4B, big data, services portfolio, optimization

Collecting the Low-Hanging Fruit in IoT

Posted by Vele Galovski and Harald Kopp on 7/9/15 6:30 AM

In the age of IoT, companies are manufacturing smart, connected products, driving service efficiency, and optimizing customer processes that drive improvements for both themselves and their customers. However, before you can begin focusing on customer outcomes and understanding the systems your solution is in by leveraging analytics, you need to create the right B4B offer types that follow the Remote Services Continuum and connect with your sales initiatives to create profitable growth.

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How to Connect Your Service Offers to Business Value: Part 2

Posted by Julia Stegman on 7/7/15 6:30 AM

In the first part of this three part series, I discussed the top factors driving the shift to outcome-based offers, as well as the key capabilities required to be successful. Let’s dig a little deeper into how to get started, and in particular, how to surface the unmet needs of your customers.

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Topics: service revenue generation, service offers, Connecting Service Offers to Business Value

When Instructors Aren't Instructing, Where Does Their Time Go?

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 7/2/15 6:30 AM

The typical staffing model for education services organizations is very delivery intensive, where instructors make up the majority of the organization’s headcount. To keep instructors instructing rather than focusing on non-productive, non-billable tasks, it’s up to ES organizations to ensure that instructors are spending their time efficiently.

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