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Hubcase_Vision_Award_2TSW 2015 Best Practices is just around the corner, and everyone’s talking about who will win this year’s Vision Awards. Will it be you? If you haven’t yet applied, don’t worry, there’s still time! Companies who want to showcase their service innovations can apply by March 6th, with a $10,000 cash prize being awarded to one lucky startup business. We talked to some previous Vision Awards winners who shared their stories about where they are now, their personal experiences, and how winning this prestigious award has benefitted their business.  


About the Vision Award

The Vision Award was originally created as an opportunity to recognize game-changing ideas in technology services that show promise in advancing the industry and shaping emerging trends. Every year at TSIA’s spring conference, TSW Best Practices, companies compete head-to-head for a chance to win this coveted industry prize and receive acclamation for their achievements.


Award Winning Startups Get A Boost

TSIA Vision Awards winners are selected from the categories of commercial, service practitioner, and startup, with winners from the startup category being awarded a cash prize of $10,000 to help grow their business. Here’s how just some of the past winners have put that money to good use.

Startup Winner: Hubcase


“Since winning our Vision Award in 2011 in the startup category, our company has grown and experienced many positive changes. Over the last couple of years, we’ve even developed a partnership with Technical Support Alliance Network, and we are currently powering the "Case Exchange" for its 500 member companies.

As a startup, winning this award was validation that we are successfully addressing a major pain point in the tech support industry. It also brought legitimacy and credibility to our offering. Going into this experience, our primary objectives were to gain validation, credibility, and exposure, and I feel that we’ve been able to accomplish our goals.

Participating in the Vision Awards, and of course winning, was a fun and valuable experience, which allowed us to demonstrate our solution directly in front of many potential customers.” 

– Ray Zhu, CEO of Hubcase, LLC - Winner of the 2011 TSIA Vision Award, Startup Category.


Startup Winner: ChatID

Watch this short interview with Dan Herman, Co-founder and CEO of ChatID to learn about his personal experiences as well as his company's success since winning their Vision Award in the startup category.

“The Vision Award is a great honor, and has helped us establish credibility for our company and solution. Since winning our award, we have experienced significant growth in our business, and have been able to reference the Vision Award in our marketing messaging and conversations with our customers. The video of our presentation has also been shared with customers, recruits, investors, and other key stakeholders. Our goals were to introduce our solution to customers at Technology Services World, as well as garner independent validation and support for our solution, and winning certainly helped us accomplish both of these goals.

My advice to Vision Awards hopefuls is to be yourself and present with the same passion that led you to originally build your product. It is truly an amazing experience you will never forget. Personally speaking, the most memorable aspect for me was meeting basketball legend Bill Walton during the ceremony. It was surreal having lunch with him at the event and hearing stories from games I watched growing up.

It is challenging to build something from nothing, but the TSIA has been a great partner and is very supportive. We felt welcomed with open arms since first coming to Technology Services World in 2012. We’re honored to be a member of the community, and now having the world’s largest brands and retailers standardizing on ChatID. We can’t thank the TSIA enough for their support and recognition of our team’s hard work and dedication to bringing a transformative solution to market.”

– Dan Herman, Co-Founder and CEO of ChatID – Winner of the 2012 TSIA Vision Award, Startup Category, Best Services Enabler.


Larger Companies Also Benefit From The Vision Award

Startup companies aren’t the only ones who can expect to receive a boost from the recognition that comes along with winning a Vision Award. TSIA Along with startups is the commercial category. We interviewed Radialpoint to hear what winning a Vision Award is like for an established organization.

Commercial Winner: Radialpoint

We received the Vision Award in 2014 for Reveal, which we created as a way for support teams to discover and share the best technical support knowledge from around the web. Since receiving our Vision Award, Reveal’s feature set and value-add has expanded rapidly, and it’s been successfully implemented by support teams as small as 3 people and as large as 100. We have also been discovered and adopted by non-IT support teams, such as marketing and legal, by enabling them to easily share knowledge with one another. It seems that many teams are struggling to find, share, and collaborate on the best content from the public web, and that’s an obstacle our product can help them overcome.
Radialpoint Reveal Presentation

Our advice to future Vision Awards hopefuls is to make sure that you talk to the audience about more than just your product’s features. You developed all of these awesome features for a reason, such as solving commonly encountered problems, so it’s a good idea to explain the vision behind your product.

Aside from our experience during the awards, being on stage at TSW exposed us to hundreds of TSIA member companies, which ultimately yielded us with tremendous amounts of valuable feedback. 8 months later, we’ve been able to radically improve our product thanks to the insightful comments and feedback we received from the TSIA community."


– Warren Levitan, President and CEO of Radialpoint. – Winner of the 2014 TSIA Vision Award for Services Enabler, Commercial Category.


Share Your Vision Today

We’re happy to hear that these businesses are growing and thriving as a result of their dedication to hard work and producing great products and services. Can’t wait to see who wins this year’s Vision Award? It could be you! Applications are still being accepted through March 6th, and the winners will be announced at TSW 2015 Best Practices in Santa Clara, CA in May. Apply today to see if your company has what it takes to take home the award and even a cash prize!


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