What’s in Store for Day 1 of TSW Service Transformations 2014

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TSW_Day_1The 2014 TSW Service Transformations conference commences today at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas with record high attendance of leading players in the technology services industry. Get ready to engage with your peers and industry experts about the latest trends in technology and the customer experience. Here’s what will be happening opening day. 

This Afternoon

The TechBEST Showcase will be kicking off the conference, featuring a tour of the most cutting-edge technology and services on the TSW | EXPO floor. We’ll be focusing on the Fall 2014 TechBEST finalists for “Best in Adoption”, Changepoint, LivePerson, and Verint, celebrating them for demonstrating a proven commitment to the successful adoption of their technology. The winner of this award will be announced this evening during the reception in the TSW | EXPO.  


At 2:00 p.m., President and CEO of TSIA, J.B. Wood, will give his opening keynote on the topic of, “Growing Corporate Top Lines in the B4B Era”. Get ready to connect with this impactful discussion where he will provide insight into the top revenue mistakes that tech companies are making in the B4B era and what steps can be taken to recapture growth.

Starting at 3:00 p.m., J.B. will be moderating a debate-style Keynote session called “Growing Customer Spending: Who Does What?” between Debbie Dunham, SVP, WW Service Sales and Global Customer Success of Cisco Systems, and Riccardo Brizzi, COO of SQS. Join them as they discuss who is best positioned to drive expand selling opportunities to customers: sales or service organizations.


This Evening

Our research executives will each be hosting their Power Hour sessions concurrently between 4:15 and 5:15 p.m. In these insightful talks, they will unveil the results from their recent research in the areas of Education Services, Field Services, Managed Services, Service Revenue Generation, Customer Success & Support, Knowledge Management, Consumption Analytics and Service Technology.

 Here’s a lineup of the TSIA Power Hour sessions as well as the disciplines they cover:

  • “Adoption Services: Closing the Consumption Gap” hosted by Maria Manning-Chapman, Senior Director of Research, Education Services.
  • “Connecting Service Offers to Customer Business Value” hosted by Julia Stegman, VP of Research, Service Revenue Generation.
  •  “Extreme Project Performance: Key findings on Best-in-Class Professional Services from the TSIA 2014 Project Performance Study” hosted by Bo DiMuccio, Ph.D., VP of Research, Professional Services.
  • “Managed Services: What You Need to Know” hosted by George Humphrey, Senior Director of Research, Managed Services.
  • “Optimize and Outcome Services: The Increasing Importance of Spare Parts, Logistics, and Depot Repair in a B4B World” hosted by Vele Galovski, VP of Research, Field Services.
  • “The Key Capabilities of Customer Success” hosted by Judith Platz, VP of Research, Customer Success and Support.
  • “The Journey to Success in Support and Services: Identify Gaps, Prioritize Improvements, Implement Change and Deliver Best Practice Results” hosted by Tom Pridham, Senior Vice President, Major Membership Development and Organizational Development Services.
  • “Transforming Knowledge Management: Hot KM Trends” hosted by John Ragsdale, VP of Research, Technology and Social.
  • “Optimizing a Recommendation Engine for Customer Outcomes with Sparse Data” hosted by Jeremy DalleTezze, Director of Research, Data Analytics.

At the close of the day, we will welcome attendees back into the TSW | EXPO hall for a networking reception to mingle with peers and talk with some of today’s leading technology solutions providers.

Get ready for an excellent conference full of thought-provoking discussion and learning about what your business can do to transform your services and promote customer success!

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