TSIA’s 5th Annual Knowledge Management Survey is Now Open!

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TSIA-SURVEY-5.pngIn my role as TSIA’s technology research analyst, I cover 42 different technologies across our 8 areas of research. But when you look at the inquiries I receive from members, over half are related to knowledge management, self-service, and improving collaboration with both employees and customers. Spending on knowledge management is very high as well, with 68% of support services members planning additional investments in the next 1-2 years. To better understand emerging trends and pacesetter practices, each year I conduct a knowledge management survey.

About the Annual Knowledge Management Survey

This survey is open to the public—not just TSIA members—and everyone who completes the survey will receive a copy of “The 2017 State of Knowledge Management” research report, to be published on October 23, 2017, which includes the results of the survey.

Click here to take the TSIA Knowledge Management Survey!

This short, eight-minute survey covers both employee and customer knowledge management and collaboration, including topics such as:

  • Corporate culture. I’ve found that while companies are moving toward a more knowledge sharing culture, many continue to reward employees for hoarding information. It is very hard to sustain a successful knowledge management program when you don’t have the support of corporate culture.
  • Content maintenance. The single most common reason for a knowledge program failure is a lack of maintenance, with content becoming outdated and rife with duplicates. Ultimately the content is so unreliable users stop accessing it—all because basic content maintenance isn’t taking place.
  • Search strategy. More companies are opting for intelligent, unified search, which brings machine learning into the search algorithm, as well as enabling analytics such as content gap analysis and relevancy analysis.

In addition, the survey asks about adoption of Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS), self-service features, Google indexing of content, knowledge management in professional services, and more. New in the survey this year are questions about embedding support into applications, and introducing upsell/cross-sell into self-service.

How to Take This Survey and Participate in TSIA Research

The survey will be open until midnight August 31, 2017. Please consider taking the survey, which you can do by clicking here, and encourage other service organizations within your company to participate as well. All of the results will be published at our Technology Services World conference in Las Vegas, and featured in my keynote and Power Hour sessions. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your ongoing support of TSIA Research!

About the Author

John-Ragsdale_80x100.jpgJohn Ragsdale is vice president of research, Technology and Social, for TSIA. His area of expertise is in creating strategies for improving the service operations and overall customer experience by leveraging innovative technology. Ragsdale drives TSIA's highly regarded technology research agenda, delivering insightful, thought-leadership research and analysis on the most pressing business issues facing services leaders to enable them to better plan and execute their service strategies. He is also author of the book, Lessons Unlearned, which chronicles his 25-year career inside the customer service industry. Connect with John via Twitter @john_ragsdale.

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