3 Ways Video Collaboration Empowers Your Service Operation

Posted by Marieke Wijtkamp on 4/12/17 5:00 AM

Empowering service operations with video comes in many different forms. To some, video enables online chat with customers, while to others, video brings remote experts into the field virtually to help troubleshoot assets. Regardless of the approach, video is quickly becoming an accepted and desired form of communication.

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Topics: mobility, field services, video

5 KPIs to Reduce On-Site Support Costs [Animation]

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 1/24/17 5:00 AM

If you have hardware at a customer location, you're always going to need on-site service, and reducing this cost will continue to be an ongoing priority for every field services organization. Watch this short animation to learn 5 key performance indicators you can use to reduce on-site support costs through better optimization of your processes and more efficient use of your available workforce.

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Topics: field service engineer, benchmarking, field services, video, animation

See What Our TSW Conferences Are All About

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 7/22/16 6:30 AM

At Technology Services World conferences, industry leaders from all over the world come together to share success strategies and learn from the experts on how to solve their top business challenges. TSW provides you with the most relevant content and real business advice you can immediately bring back and apply to your organization. From gathering new ideas to explore with your team, to learning tips and tricks from new contacts who have undergone a similar business journey, there’s a lot of inspiration and knowledge to be gained by attending. In this short video, you’ll hear real stories from several attendees from companies like Autodesk, Pitney Bowes, PTC, and more, as they share with you the ongoing value you can expect to receive by attending TSW Las Vegas 2016.

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[Video] How TSIA Helped Camstar Systems’ Education Business

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 6/28/16 6:30 AM

We could tell you how a TSIA membership can add value to your business, but why not hear it directly from one of our members? In this video clip, Kurt Kuelz of Camstar Systems, Inc., a Siemens business, talks about how a TSIA membership has helped Camstar accelerate their education offerings and grow their revenue. Here's what he had to say!

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Topics: education services, video, TSIA Member Testimonials

[Video] See What Tech Leaders Are Saying About Technology-as-a-Service Playbook

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 6/23/16 6:30 AM

Since its debut at the spring Technology Services World conference, technology leaders across the industry have been expressing their praise for Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business. In this new book, TSIA's Thomas Lah and J.B. Wood take readers on a step-by-step journey to understanding the dramatic impact the cloud is having on the tech industry, successfully implementing recurring revenue “as-a-service” subscription-based offers and business models, and how to be profitable in the future of XaaS. Check out this video to get a sneak peek at what you can learn about succeeding in the cloud market and hear what your peers have to say about this groundbreaking new book.

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Topics: x-as-a-service (XaaS), video, Technology-as-a-Service Playbook

[Video] Watch the Keynote Videos from TSW San Diego 2016 Online!

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 6/8/16 6:30 AM

Relive the excitement of TSW San Diego 2016 by watching the conference keynote videos online. See what you missed or get a refresher on your favorite takeaways and key points to share with your team so you can apply what you’ve learned to your operation. We’ve put together a playlist of these energetic and informative sessions all about winning in the cloud, watch them here!

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Topics: video, Technology Services World Conference

[Video] See What You Can Look Forward to at TSW San Diego 2016

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 4/15/16 6:30 AM

When it comes to sun and surf, San Diego is the place to be. Now, for the first time in nearly a decade, it's also the home of the premier event of the technology and services industry: Technology Services World. Join hundreds of your industry peers May 2-4 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront for 3 days of networking, visionary keynotes by top thought leaders in tech, and get a first look at the latest solutions that can help your business achieve the outcomes you're looking for. Watch this video to catch a glimpse of what you can look forward to by attending TSW in our beautiful new home of San Diego.

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[Video] What Our Members Love Most About TSIA

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 2/12/16 6:30 AM

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and to celebrate the spirit of love and appreciation, we wanted to share with you some of the kind words a few of our members had to say about TSIA. Watch this video to see how our research, benchmarking, world-class business frameworks, and thought leadership have helped hundreds of the industry’s leading companies overcome top challenges, improve their processes, and achieve their desired business outcomes.

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Topics: video, TSIA Member Testimonials

[Video] Growing Customers Successfully

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 11/24/15 7:30 AM

Whether you’re a traditional on-premise company looking for more top-line revenue, a cloud company looking to accelerate growth and profits, or a combination of both, growing customers should be your top priority. At our recent TSW conference, president and CEO of TSIA, J.B. Wood, introduced how to unlock new opportunities for revenue growth from within your existing customer base, and why it’s so important for the future health of your organization in his keynote presentation, “Growing Customers Successfully.”

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Topics: video, growing customers, Technology Services World Conference

[Video] Outcome Engineering

Posted by Trisha Bright on 11/10/15 7:30 AM

The new tech mantra is all about delivering business outcomes to customers. It seems obvious, yet this has not been the traditional rallying cry within our industry. Instead, we’ve spent decades perfecting the model of matching product features and capabilities to customer tasks and processes. Certainly, this has benefited customers and suppliers alike, helping us achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency in managing core business functions. But in today’s age of results, we at TSIA would argue that while this approach is still necessary, it is no longer sufficient.

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