Selling Value-Add: Improving Services Sales Strategy and Execution

Posted by Mark Sloan on 9/5/13 7:14 AM

“You and your team should be intensely focused on the business benefit, the value, and the return—in short, the ‘why’ of the project.”

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Topics: value proposition, professional services, value-added services, sales

Quantifying the Benefits of Services and Solutions

Posted by Kyle Andrews on 6/18/13 3:20 PM

To quantify benefits, customers must perceive value. It goes without saying that sellers are a critical part of that process. Whether it's the product salespeople who are responsible for selling services, or a dedicated services sales team, the services portion of the solution must be positioned early enough in the customer's buying process to be considered an important component of addressing the business problem they're trying to solve.

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Topics: value proposition, service revenue generation, service revenue, services, sales

Attain Real Visibility to Drive Predictable Performance

Posted by Steven Sexton and Robert Armour on 4/22/13 3:41 PM

Business leaders are under extreme pressure to increase their contribution to overall business profitability revenue growth and customer success. Unfortunately, they struggle to deliver greater financial return without the visibility to understand current and future performance, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and stop repeating mistakes. The result is services leadership trying to bail a boat with a leaking bucket and rough seas still to navigate. 

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Topics: performance management, automation, value proposition, professional services, project performance, professional services automation (PSA)


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