TSIA’s 5th Annual Knowledge Management Survey is Now Open!

Posted by John Ragsdale on 8/3/17 5:00 AM

In my role as TSIA’s technology research analyst, I cover 42 different technologies across our 8 areas of research. But when you look at the inquiries I receive from members, over half are related to knowledge management, self-service, and improving collaboration with both employees and customers. Spending on knowledge management is very high as well, with 68% of support services members planning additional investments in the next 1-2 years. To better understand emerging trends and pacesetter practices, each year I conduct a knowledge management survey.

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How To Address Big Professional Services Business Challenges

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 4/10/17 5:00 AM

TSIA membership gives our customers the ability to ask us questions, which we refer to as “inquiries.” Addressing services leaders’ business questions in a fact-based way is one of the reasons we exist, and if the thousands of inquiries that come in every year are any indicator, it’s an extremely valuable resource for our members. This steady inquiry stream also serves a dual purpose, in that they provide me and the rest of the research team with a real-time source of information about what service business challenges (SBCs) are the most common and most pressing for our members. 

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Participate in TSIA Research! Currently Open Surveys

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 2/17/17 5:00 AM

In order to keep providing the latest in fact-based insight your company can use to elevate your success, TSIA conducts dozens of custom surveys that collect detailed data on the most current industry performance metrics and best practices. From in-depth market rate studies, to questionnaires on common practices related to reporting structures for service lines of business, our surveys shed light on what's really happening in the industry, how to address common challenges, and spot up-and-coming trends. Here is a list of both the public and members-only surveys that we currently have running, how the data collected will be used to benefit technology and services organizations like yours, and how your company can contribute to this important research. 

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Take Part in TSIA Social Support Research!

Posted by John Ragsdale on 12/2/16 5:00 AM

Today's customer is demanding support via their preferred channels, which means that online communities and Twitter are now being used as often as phone and email. No longer just a consumer phenomenon, social support has become a common practice in enterprise support, with the majority of B2B companies offering customer discussion forums. In fact, more than half of TSIA members are now offering some level of support via social media channels. But, that doesn't mean that we, as an industry, have it all figured out just yet.

You're invited to participate in TSIA's annual Social Support Survey, which tracks year-over-year trends in social channels offered for customer support, program ownership, performance metrics, service level agreements (SLAs), and staffing for both online communities and social media support. This year, we've added some new questions that will help us gain additional insight into community activity, including the role of customers vs. employees vs. partners in answering forum questions.

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Poll Results: Organizational Models for Professional Services and the Cloud

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 9/6/16 6:30 AM

At TSIA, we've recently received a lot of questions from our members regarding the typical organizational models tech companies are using to set up cloud or XaaS businesses alongside their traditional consumption models. To get a bit more insight on this topic, we conducted a TSIA Quick Poll where we asked members of our Professional Services community to share their experiences in this area, resulting in us receiving detailed responses from 56 companies. Though brief, the survey yielded some surprising and interesting results. In this blog post, I'd like to share some survey highlights with you.  

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You’re Invited to Take Part in TSIA Knowledge Management Research!

Posted by John Ragsdale on 8/2/16 6:30 AM

TSIA surveys allow us to get a detailed look at what's really happening in the industry so we can provide technology and services organizations with fact-based recommendations for improving their operation and achieving their goals. To help us gather the latest best practices and trends relating to knowledge management, content management, and enterprise collaboration technology, I'd like to invite you to participate in the TSIA 2016 Knowledge Management Survey and play an important role in our research initiatives in this area.

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TSIA Survey Showcase: Support Services Compensation 2016

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 7/5/16 8:39 AM

Each year, TSIA conducts dozens of custom surveys to gather data about industry performance metrics and best practices. From in-depth market rate studies to questionnaires on common practices related to reporting structures for service lines of business, these surveys directly fuel our research initiatives allowing us to provide our members with the most up-to-date information on the state of the industry. Here to share a bit about her recently launched 2016 Support Services Compensation survey and what it will help us learn is Judith Platz, TSIA's VP of Customer Success and Support Services Research.

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What We Learned from TSIA’s 11th Annual Global Technology Survey

Posted by John Ragsdale on 5/26/16 6:30 AM

This year TSIA’s Global Technology Survey saw a major overhaul. The survey grew from 24 categories in 2015 to 42 categories this year, incorporating new technologies for our expanded list of service disciplines, as well as breaking out some broad categories to track individual tools more granularly. For each category, the survey asked respondents which tool they are using, how satisfied they are with it, and in what areas they are planning additional investments in 2016-2017. The output from the survey includes an overview report, The 2016 Technology Services Heatmap, adoption and planned spending reports for each discipline, and the 2016 Top Installed report, listing the most popular tools in each of the 42 categories.

Here’s a look at the resulting Technology Services Heatmap, which gives a look at all 42 categories, color coded by adoption level, and the service disciplines each category applies to.

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TSIA’s 11th Annual Global Technology Survey Is Now Open!

Posted by John Ragsdale on 3/10/16 6:30 AM

In 2006, when I first joined TSIA (then SSPA), I thought it would be a good idea to conduct a survey in order to find out which kinds of technology companies were using and how satisfied they were. We had a great response to the survey, and the data was hugely helpful in answering member inquiry questions. I’ve run the survey each year since, with a few tweaks to categories as new technologies became popular and others merged. I’m very happy to announce that the 2016 survey is now open, so please take a few minutes to complete this short, 10-minute survey and tell us a little bit about the technology you and your company are using. 

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TSIA’s 2015 Social Support Survey is Now Open!

Posted by John Ragsdale on 12/3/15 6:30 AM

Over the last decade, social support has gone from bleeding edge, to pacesetter practice, to what is almost standard operation procedure. TSIA defines social support as online customer communities or discussion forums, as well as interacting with customers using social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. To gather information on how companies are managing and staffing these programs, TSIA’s 5th annual Social Support survey asks about channels offered, interaction volumes, service level agreements, and more.

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