The Reemergence of Managed Services: Capitalizing on the Cloud

Posted by Dhaval Moogimane, Neil Jain, and Andrew Clark on 12/12/14 9:30 AM

12 Days of Insights 2014: Day 3

To celebrate the holiday season, we’re giving the gift of knowledge! Join us as we share our favorite posts from top technology services thought leaders in our 12 Days of Insights blog series.

It just might be the greatest comeback ever. After the heyday of the application service provider (ASP) model in the 90's, managed services (MS) is reemerging as a top priority for many technology companies. A perfect storm of customer demand, technology and cloud maturity, and increased competitive pressure have put managed services back in the spotlight.
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Topics: XaaS (x-as-a-service), B4B, cloud, managed services, technology services, technology maturity, service delivery channels

Ignite Your Service Revenue With Expand Selling

Posted by Julia Stegman on 10/3/14 6:30 AM

Recent industry-wide trends have shown that the top 50 technology companies are experiencing shrinking revenue by as much as $8 billion. Revenues are flattening as technology companies shift their business models to include cloud computing subscriptions. From TSIA’s perspective, new playbooks are needed in order to make this difficult transformation and begin delivering profitable revenue growth.

In my webinar “Ignite Your Service Revenue”, I discuss current revenue renewal rates in the industry, what companies can do to increase their renewal rates, and how you can contribute to your company's overall growth with expand selling strategies.

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Topics: service revenue generation, service revenue, revenue growth, technology maturity

[Infographic] Are You Optimizing Your Contract Renewal Potential?

Posted by Julia Stegman on 9/12/14 6:30 AM

When even just one point of improvement in your renewal rate can translate to millions of dollars, your customer retention rate can make a huge impact on your bottom line. But just how optimized is your current renewal process? TSIA analyzed the renewal maturity models from 35 global companies to gain insight into their maintenance and support contract revenues, and this infographic outlines their best practices.

Get an inside look at how the customer growth and retention strategies of these top companies drove their performance, such as optimizing the renewal of current service revenues and adopting a renewal model that includes expand selling. How do you measure up to the best practices of these pacesetting companies?

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Topics: service revenue generation, renewal, technology maturity, infographic

A Maturity Model for Customer Success: Go beyond Making Customers Happy

Posted by Francoise Tourniaire on 2/7/14 1:10 PM

Discover a sustainable framework for moving up the C-SAT ranks in your customer support organization. Escalating through these ranks will not only delight your customers, but they will remain loyal to you as a result.

Many support organizations have a customer success or account management program with the goal of creating tighter relationships with customers, providing proactive recommendations, and generally ensuring customer loyalty in the long term. The programs can be fee-based or provided to customers of a certain size―but the question is: Do they work? Here’s my take on a maturity model for the customer success/account management functions.

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Topics: customer loyalty, customer success, customer support, technology maturity


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