Announcing TSIA’s B2B Social Engagement Rating

Posted by John Ragsdale on 8/17/17 5:00 AM

The old adage, “Happy customers tell three people, and unhappy customers tell ten,” has become very outdated, with unhappy customers complaining to millions via Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. As the airlines learned this year, one negative customer experience can not only go viral on social, it can wind up as the headline of the five o’clock news. And don’t think this can’t happen to technology support as well. We’ve seen videos of repairmen sleeping in a customer’s living room, and heard recordings of support technicians who lost their temper, all broadcast to the world via social media.

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[Virtual Summit] Transforming the Customer Experience with Social Support

Posted by Nicole Dornsife on 6/27/17 5:00 AM

Join us Thursday, July 13, for a free virtual summit about using social support technology and strategies to improve your customer experience, hosted by TSIA and our partners, Lithium Technologies and Miller Heiman Group. During this 3-hour event, you’ll learn how to successfully leverage social technology to improve your support and the customer experience.

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Intelligent Customer Service: Connected, Contextual, Consistent

Posted by Kelly Koelliker on 2/9/17 5:00 AM

This article was originally published on the Verint blog on 2/1/2017

Today's customer is smart, engaged, connected and informed. To keep pace with this new breed of customer, organizations must also become smarter and more connected. Your employees are the gateway to your customers, and the best way to help ensure they stay satisfied and loyal is to empower your employees with the tools and tactics to provide superior service. Organizations seeking to provide intelligent customer service are able provide this level of service throughout the customer journey, even as it spans multiple channels.

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Take Part in TSIA Social Support Research!

Posted by John Ragsdale on 12/2/16 5:00 AM

Today's customer is demanding support via their preferred channels, which means that online communities and Twitter are now being used as often as phone and email. No longer just a consumer phenomenon, social support has become a common practice in enterprise support, with the majority of B2B companies offering customer discussion forums. In fact, more than half of TSIA members are now offering some level of support via social media channels. But, that doesn't mean that we, as an industry, have it all figured out just yet.

You're invited to participate in TSIA's annual Social Support Survey, which tracks year-over-year trends in social channels offered for customer support, program ownership, performance metrics, service level agreements (SLAs), and staffing for both online communities and social media support. This year, we've added some new questions that will help us gain additional insight into community activity, including the role of customers vs. employees vs. partners in answering forum questions.

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Intelligently Optimizing Digital Support Channels

Posted by Nick Sellers on 10/11/16 5:00 AM

Many businesses aren't clear as to what good digital support entails, with only vague notions about lowering costs and improving customer experience. Their focus is instead on implementing a platform that gives them the best return on investment, which is measured in money (and time) saved.

These businesses often also make the mistake of introducing digital support platforms—such as self-service, real-time chat, online communities and social networks—as discrete standalone projects even when part of a larger campaign. They also tend to prioritize budget and execution methods rather than customer experience and outcomes. While the former strategy can save a little money now, the latter will be what defines a support platform's long-term success.

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Global Technology Survey is Now Open! Free Research Report for Participating

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 3/13/15 6:30 AM

TSIA's 10th annual Global Technology Survey is now open! This survey will measure the adoption, satisfaction, and planned spending of tools and services used by customer support, professional services, education services, managed services, and field services. Participation is open to all, and everyone who takes part in the survey will receive a free copy of "The 2015 TSIA Heatmap." Don't delay, survey ends on March 31!

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What Does the Internet Think About Your Company?

Posted by John Ragsdale on 3/5/15 6:30 AM

With the advent of social sharing, the world has become a very public place, putting professional organizations under the microscope more than ever before. The Internet never forgets, and it’s crucial to not only monitor what is being said about your company, but also to be vigilant about the message you convey to the public. 

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Why Social Media Support Is More Important Than You Think

Posted by John Ragsdale on 2/20/15 6:30 AM

We’ve already examined how to offer social support through online discussion communities, but now it’s time to explore the second part of this customer satisfaction puzzle: social media support. Support interactions through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc., can play an important role in providing the level of support your customers have come to expect from you and your business.

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Technology and the Customer Experience

Posted by Jodi Beuder on 12/20/14 9:30 AM

12 Days of Insights 2014: Day 11

To celebrate the holiday season, we’re giving the gift of knowledge! Join us as we share our favorite posts from top technology services thought leaders in our 12 Days of Insights blog series.

It is clear that customer service is no longer in the silo of the customer support department, housed principally in a contact center. Instead, customer service needs to be implemented across various touch points within a company, including the company’s web platform and on their social media channels. IT departments are adapting to cloud-based and mobile-based platforms to make all these touch points sync together. 

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2014 Mid Year Trends Recap: Knowledge Management, Social, and PSA

Posted by John Ragsdale on 12/16/14 9:30 AM

12 Days of Insights 2014: Day 7

To celebrate the holiday season, we’re giving the gift of knowledge! Join us as we share our favorite posts from top technology services thought leaders in our 12 Days of Insights blog series. 

At our Spring Technology Services World (TSW) Best Practices conference in Santa Clara, California, any time I wasn’t presenting, I was in one-to-one meetings with TSIA members and partners. Now that we're wrapping up 2014, I wanted to recap with some of the insights I learned mid-year as food for thought going forward into 2015. Here is my account as I originally wrote it this spring.

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