Pricing Segmentation Best Practices for XaaS

Posted by Tim Matanovich on 8/16/16 6:30 AM

The unique inventions and service offerings of entrepreneurs can captivate us, yet even the most innovative solutions and services can struggle when managers fail to set prices that simultaneously attract customers and produce profit. Though pricing is a complex concern for businesses in all industries, it is a particular point of confusion in XaaS industries, where "anything as a service" requires pricing versatility that cannot be achieved with more traditional price structures.

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[Infographic] How to Improve Your Professional Services Pricing

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 2/9/16 7:30 AM

A common dilemma many professional services organizations face is competitively pricing their services in a way that they can also stay profitable. The unfortunate reality is that, without an effective pricing strategy in place, improper discounting practices and low list rates can lead to these organizations drastically undercharging for valuable services. Fortunately there is a solution, and the first step to improving your professional services pricing strategy is identifying the areas within your current plan that need the most improvement. Use this handy flow chart to quickly assess how you can improve your professional services pricing strategy by evaluating two critical components that could be negatively affecting your organization’s profitability: list rates and discounting. 

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How Free Offers Lead to Paid Opportunities

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 10/9/15 6:30 AM

Historically, education services professionals have shied away from incorporating free offers into their business strategy, which is likely due to common misconceptions about what “free” actually means. There’s a big difference between something that is free by design and something that is free by discount, but both offers can benefit your business when applied correctly. In this post, I’ll explain how free offers can fit into your pricing strategy and open up new opportunities to grow your customer base.

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What Should You Charge for Professional Services?

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 7/16/15 6:30 AM

Determining your pricing strategy for professional services is no easy task. While it’s important to remain competitive, you also need to be careful to not give your valuable services away for free. So, how do you determine what to set your pricing at so it holds up in the market place and positively impacts your bottom line? In this post, I’ll explain how you can use the TSIA Market Rates Study to answer some of your top questions related to pricing in professional services. 

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The Vital Pricing Role of Sales Management

Posted by Tim Matanovich on 6/6/14 1:02 PM


Sales managers have a full plate, no doubt. Their role is vital. They manage the human resources that connect all of our businesses to our customers. This article discusses the role of those managers as they specifically relate to the pricing process.

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Seven Deadly Sins of Services Pricing

Posted by Tim Matanovich on 7/12/13 7:37 AM

In working with tech companies and talking to service leaders, seven common pricing shortcomings emerge again and again. These pricing sins cost companies revenues and margins, lengthen sales cycles, and annoy both sales directors and customers. These sins occur in both essential and value-added services, whether revenues are recurring or not, and have both strategic and executional impacts.  

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Topics: service level agreement (SLA), professional services, value-added services, services pricing


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