Why All Tech Executives Should Care About Blending Service and Sales Motions

Posted by J.B. Wood on 2/13/18 5:00 AM

At our upcoming Technology Services World conference this May, we’re going to be sharing a lot of insights following our theme, “Blending Service and Sales Motions.” Though our conference is called Technology Services World, the content we present relates to many roles within today’s technology companies. While Services, Sales, and Marketing leaders will absolutely benefit from this unique learning opportunity, I wanted to talk about 4 specific C-suite and executive titles that will benefit by attending and taking in all of the valuable lessons and insights from this event.

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Learn How to Monetize Emerging Service Offers: TSIA Executive Summit

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 7/21/15 6:30 AM

Find out how new higher-value service offers are impacting the European market by joining us for an exclusive TSIA Executive Summit in London on September 14th! At this free half-day working session, you’ll learn how to monetize a variety of next generation service offers from a diverse community of executives at leading technology companies.

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The Start-Up Chronicles: Launching a Start-Up with Success (Part 2)

Posted by Phil Verghis on 10/9/13 10:08 AM

“Lessons on launching a start-up, from a long-time TSIA member on important issues that support and services executives face on a daily basis.”

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The Startup Chronicles: Launching a Startup with Success

Posted by Phil Verghis on 5/2/13 3:43 PM

As a long-time TSIA member, I thought it might be interesting to chronicle the lessons I'm learning as the founder and CEO of a new startup, and how this relates to important issues that support and services executives face on a daily basis. 

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Welcome to Inside Technology Services - Enjoy the Ride!

Posted by Suzanne Hite on 4/15/13 2:45 PM

Welcome to Inside Technology Services. What is it? Well, technically, it's a blog. Non-technically, it's where you will come to learn about what is inside the world of technology services. Here is where you can come to learn about who, what, where, when and why about what makes our industry tick.
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