Relationship Equity: Why Services Can Go Where Sales Can’t

Posted by Steve Frost on 2/2/17 5:00 AM

Often times when we broach the concept of expand selling to TSIA member companies, the question is asked, “Why can't sales just do this for themselves? After all, upselling and cross-selling are, in fact, selling, and selling is what salespeople do.” Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Regardless of how hesitant they might be to join the revenue-generation party, expand selling initiatives have to be driven by the service delivery teams. In this post, I'll be digging deeper into why this is, beginning with the concept of “relationship equity”. 

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Welcome New TSIA Members! January Edition

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 1/30/17 11:16 AM

At TSIA, we are dedicated to helping services organizations both large and small grow and advance in the technology industry. We'd like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest members, as well as acknowledge companies already a part of the TSIA community who have recently expanded their membership to include additional service disciplines TSIA has to offer. Here's a little bit about each company, in their own words.

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4 Steps to Successfully Move from Hardware to Software and Services

Posted by Neil Jain and Chris Kammerer on 9/15/16 6:30 AM

The world has been changing over the past 10 years for hardware companies. Today, faster innovation cycles and falling barriers to entry are driving commoditization, virtualization is fueling demand for software running on industry standard hardware, and everyone is chasing higher margin, recurring revenue offers. Hardware companies are responding to these shifts by augmenting their portfolios to include more software and services offerings, but many are struggling with the transition.

Whether your company is looking to break into a complementary software market, enhance your hardware products with managed services, or respond to the virtualization trend, here are four key steps you should take to address common challenges hardware companies face.

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Calling All Sales Leaders! Hit Your Quota Through Expand Selling

Posted by Mark Middlekamp on 6/9/16 6:30 AM

A refrain I often hear from many of our Expand Selling (ExS) discipline members is that the collaboration between the services and sales functions leaves a bit to be desired in the context of expand selling. TSIA research shows that only 33% of technology companies consider the level of collaboration between sales and services within their organization as “high”, and that's not even in the context of how services helps sales with expand selling!

Suffice it to say, there is certainly much room for improvement in how the sales and non-sales functions like services and customer success work together to systematically drive revenue growth with your existing customers. Therefore, my mission for this post is to explain why sales leaders should actively embrace services and customer success as expand selling partners. The reason is simple: they can help your team achieve quota. 

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Rise of the Services Machine: Being Part of the “In” Crowd

Posted by George Humphrey on 11/8/13 9:30 AM

“The world is changing. No longer is the primary emphasis on features, functions, and widgets. It’s about the experience that can only be delivered through a service-centric model.”

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Quantifying the Benefits of Services and Solutions

Posted by Kyle Andrews on 6/18/13 3:20 PM

To quantify benefits, customers must perceive value. It goes without saying that sellers are a critical part of that process. Whether it's the product salespeople who are responsible for selling services, or a dedicated services sales team, the services portion of the solution must be positioned early enough in the customer's buying process to be considered an important component of addressing the business problem they're trying to solve.

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Welcome to Inside Technology Services - Enjoy the Ride!

Posted by Suzanne Hite on 4/15/13 2:45 PM

Welcome to Inside Technology Services. What is it? Well, technically, it's a blog. Non-technically, it's where you will come to learn about what is inside the world of technology services. Here is where you can come to learn about who, what, where, when and why about what makes our industry tick.
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