How to Make Your Renewals Frictionless [SlideShare]

Posted by Julia Stegman on 3/17/17 5:00 AM

If you want to make sure your customers renew their contracts, it’s crucial that you have a renewal process that’s as painless as possible. While roadblocks to renewal can and do crop up, knowing how to spot them ahead of time and adopting the right capabilities for frictionless renewal is your key to overcoming them. Check out this SlideShare to identify 3 common renewal friction points and the capabilities you'll need to keep your renewals moving forward as planned.

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[SlideShare] 4 Service Revenue Generation Benchmark Trends

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 11/1/16 5:00 AM

Through TSIA's comprehensive benchmarking program, you can measure your company's performance against your industry peers, identify your strengths, and see where you can improve to ensure future success. For a sample of the type of insight you will receive by taking advantage of this valuable resource that comes with TSIA membership, take a look at this SlideShare featuring 4 key research trends from TSIA's Service Revenue Generation Benchmark Study.

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3 Key Benefits of Customer Advisory Boards for Services Professionals

Posted by Rob Jensen on 3/8/16 7:30 AM

As a technology services professional, you may already be aware of the value of customer advisory boards (CABs), and how they are ideal for validating corporate strategies, collecting input for product development, and deepening relationships with key customers. But what you might not know is the role CABs are playing in helping tech providers refine and expand their services offerings, grow adoption and consumption of services, and increase services revenue. 

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A 3-Step Guide to Locating, Recovering, and Securing Hidden Revenues

Posted by Thomas Sindemann on 11/18/14 6:30 AM

Empirical evidence shows that technology services businesses tend to lose up to five percentage points of their profit margin due to untapped revenue potential within their own customer base. A major part of this missed revenue opportunity is based on already performed services that have been overlooked or poorly invoiced.

However, as hidden revenues are a common problem with similar causes among technology services firms, they can be addressed in a three-step approach to locate, recover, and secure them effectively and efficiently. In this guide, we'll show you how to positively impact your company's profit margin simply by identifying and recovering charges due for services rendered.

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Ignite Your Service Revenue With Expand Selling

Posted by Julia Stegman on 10/3/14 6:30 AM

Recent industry-wide trends have shown that the top 50 technology companies are experiencing shrinking revenue by as much as $8 billion. Revenues are flattening as technology companies shift their business models to include cloud computing subscriptions. From TSIA’s perspective, new playbooks are needed in order to make this difficult transformation and begin delivering profitable revenue growth.

In my webinar “Ignite Your Service Revenue”, I discuss current revenue renewal rates in the industry, what companies can do to increase their renewal rates, and how you can contribute to your company's overall growth with expand selling strategies.

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What the Top 50 Tech Services Companies Can Tell Us About The Industry

Posted by Thomas Lah on 8/22/14 6:30 AM

Since 2005, TSIA has been tracking service revenue and profit trends for the technology industry in our widely followed Service 50 index. We aggregate the financial performance of 50 of the largest global providers of technology services to identify service revenue and profitability trends, while also providing critical observations based on the current quarterly update.

In recent history, these trends have very clearly pointed to an increasing reliance on both service revenues and profits to sustain the health and growth of technology product companies.

Watch our recent Service 50 Q2 webinar, in which we identify the latest observations and trends for the technology services industry, complete with detailed data on how these top 50 companies are currently performing in Q2. Here’s a recap of some of the key points we covered. 

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Creating the Spare Parts Logistics Business of the Future

Posted by Vele Galovski on 1/22/14 5:32 PM

From the Pony Express to next-day deliveries to retailers experimenting with drones delivering packages to your doorstep within hours, response times continue to get shorter, and expectations have never been higher for logistics and the spare parts supply chain.

“For want of a nail . . . the kingdom was lost.”

So goes the old proverb that illustrates how critical it is to have the right part, at the right place, at the right time. From the Pony Express to next-day deliveries to retailers experimenting with drones delivering packages to your doorstep within hours, response times continue to get shorter, and expectations have never been higher for logistics and the spare parts supply chain.

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Topics: outcome-based services, B4B, service revenue, customer satisfaction, spare parts logistics, field services

Levers of Growth: Building Double-Digit Revenues in a Tech Company

Posted by Trisha Bright on 7/22/13 11:17 AM

"Roll up your sleeves. Summon your courage. And above all, don't try to reinvent the wheel! Growing services revenue can be achieved if you know which levers to pull."

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Technology Services Are Ripe for Portfolio Confusion

Posted by George Humphrey on 7/8/13 7:32 AM

“"All men make mistakes, but only  wise  men learn from their mistakes."”  -Winston Churchill

Thanks for navigating to the TSIA website, and specifically to the Inside Technology Services blog. Recently I posted the first entry in this important five-part mini-series on “The Top 5 Mistakes Made When Starting a Managed Services Business.” With most analyst and  research firms citing managed services as the number one revenue growth segment of the technology industry, many companies are rushing to market with managed services offers. There are many drivers behind the urgency for companies to offer managed services, some good; some not so good.

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Cloud Computing: A Winning Scenario for Everyone

Posted by Julia Stegman on 7/1/13 6:31 AM

Julia Stegman, TSIA service revenue generation (SRG) expert, was a recent guest blogger for BMC Software’s Global Services Blog on a topic close to all of our hearts: Cloud computing: A winning scenario for everyone.

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