5 Reasons To Invest in Training for Your Service Team

Posted by Jodi Beuder on 10/30/14 6:30 AM

It’s tough to get much return on investment (ROI), these days, so the recommendation to invest in customer service is often met with “Yes, I know we should, but…” And then there are the excuses “too expensive”, “not in the budget” or “the money is better spent elsewhere”. So why invest in training? By definition, “invest” means to put valuable resources into something you expect will give a personal or financial gain; to spend or devote for future advantage or benefit. So let’s look at how and why an investment in your customer and technical service team can pay off.

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Topics: return on investment (ROI), training, customer service, TSIA Partners

The State of Managed Services – 2014

Posted by George Humphrey on 2/21/14 6:30 PM

The world of tech is changing. Consumers of enterprise technology have voted with their wallets. They are concerned with the lack of return on investment for their infrastructure technology expenditures. They are frustrated with the ever-increasing complexity of their IT solutions driven by the rise in software centricity and network dependency. 

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Topics: managed services, return on investment (ROI), consumption models

Cloud Computing: A Winning Scenario for Everyone

Posted by Julia Stegman on 7/1/13 6:31 AM

Julia Stegman, TSIA service revenue generation (SRG) expert, was a recent guest blogger for BMC Software’s Global Services Blog on a topic close to all of our hearts: Cloud computing: A winning scenario for everyone.

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Topics: cloud, managed services, service revenue generation, service revenue, revenue growth, best practices, return on investment (ROI), value-added services


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