[Infographic] The Current State of Knowledge Management Culture

Posted by John Ragsdale on 8/5/16 8:00 AM

Implementing a good knowledge management system is key to improved productivity within your organization, and can be achieved through proper transformation of your KM processes, people, and technology. Though many companies are moving toward adopting and using KM tools, many may not be using them to their full potential. In TSIA’s annual Knowledge Management Survey, we ask participants about their current core knowledge management processes, tools, and metrics to see how their company is sharing knowledge within their organization.

This infographic gives a brief overview of the findings of last year's survey that provides insight into the current state of knowledge management culture in the technology industry. How would you rate your company’s knowledge sharing culture?

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5 Steps to Creating a Better Customer Experience

Posted by Dennis Gershowitz on 8/4/16 6:30 AM

There are many attributes to becoming a "best-in-class" organization that have always interested me, particularly the ability to focus on understanding what defines customer success. I am convinced that this can only come about when management understands exactly what their business is about and how they can properly deliver the outcomes their customers expect.
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Focus on Retaining Great Employees

Posted by Vele Galovski on 12/7/15 6:30 AM

Employee attrition is a key field service metric with growing importance. This is due to a number of factors, such as talent wars starting to heat up as field service engineers near retirement age, significant commitment to training, and positive hiring trends due to both growth and replacements.

When it comes to attrition, companies typically lose employees that are performing well and that they can ill afford to lose. That’s why a view of voluntary attrition is critical.

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Reading the Tea Leaves: Use Customer Surveys to Effect Culture Change

Posted by Francoise Tourniaire on 12/14/14 1:21 PM

12 Days of Insights 2014: Day 5

To celebrate the holiday season, we’re giving the gift of knowledge! Join us as we share our favorite posts from top technology services thought leaders in our 12 Days of Insights blog series.

How would you like to increase your customer satisfaction ratings for six months straight while (not coincidentally!) reducing resolution time by 50 percent? One of my clients did, and you can too, by following these five relatively straightforward steps that link the operational processess of your support team and customer satisfaction. With a little effort and persistence, you'll be well on your way to changing your organizational culture for the better. 

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Three Steps to Finding Knowledge Sharing-Ready Team Members

Posted by Adam Krob on 8/7/14 7:00 AM

Michael Stipe sang (in the song “King of Birds”) that “standing on the shoulders of giants leaves me cold.” Stipe was referring to Sir Isaac Newton’s statement that humans can best move knowledge forward together; building on the knowledge of those who came before. Personally, I find standing on the shoulders of giants exciting and rewarding. I actively look for "shoulder standers." Their commitment to sharing and improving knowledge will make your team even more successful.

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Change Management: Key to Avoiding a Failed Knowledge Management Implementation

Posted by Randy Mysliviec on 4/29/13 2:38 PM

As the competition is increasing every day, organizations are having a difficult time maintaining and exceeding their customer satisfaction goals. Happy customers always help organizations with repeat business, extending contracts and spreading word of mouth in the industry, thus providing organizations with leads to get new contracts/customers.

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