Intelligently Optimizing Digital Support Channels

Posted by Nick Sellers on 10/11/16 5:00 AM

Many businesses aren't clear as to what good digital support entails, with only vague notions about lowering costs and improving customer experience. Their focus is instead on implementing a platform that gives them the best return on investment, which is measured in money (and time) saved.

These businesses often also make the mistake of introducing digital support platforms—such as self-service, real-time chat, online communities and social networks—as discrete standalone projects even when part of a larger campaign. They also tend to prioritize budget and execution methods rather than customer experience and outcomes. While the former strategy can save a little money now, the latter will be what defines a support platform's long-term success.

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Topics: customer experience, social media, support services, social support, multi-channel support, online support, optimization, digital support

Customer Onboarding: What's Next?

Posted by Judith Platz on 7/14/15 6:30 AM

Customer onboarding is more than simply getting a customer up and running with your solution. It’s about making sure you’re prepared to answer your customer’s next question, “What’s next?” Here’s a look at how you can improve your customer onboarding process to not only get them set up, but started down the right path to successfully adopting and achieving their desired outcomes with your products and services.

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Topics: customer success, onboarding, optimization

The Outcome-Based Services Portfolio

Posted by Thomas Lah on 7/10/15 8:27 AM

In our book, B4B: How Technology and Big Data Are Reinventing the Customer-Supplier Relationship, we talk about how TSIA is helping technology companies prepare for a radical shift in their business models as they move away from selling product assets and product attach services and begin delivering business outcomes for customers. As stepping-stone in this journey, we’ve created a set of frameworks to provide an overview of the kinds of outcome-based services your organization can offer. 

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Topics: outcome-based services, pricing, adoption services, B4B, big data, services portfolio, optimization

Optimizing for Adoption? Ask Your Power Users for Help

Posted by Nicole Dornsife on 6/4/15 6:30 AM

When optimizing your products and services for increased adoption, you can easily find yourself too close to the situation to fully understand how your customers are using them effectively. The best way to get a detailed look at how your technology is being consumed, and even where it can be improved, is to ask your users directly. While the input of your average user is always valuable, there’s a subset of customer whose help you should be leveraging in order to unlock your solution’s full potential: the “power user”. 

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Topics: customer success, customer adoption, power users, optimization

How IoT Process Optimization Can Improve Customer Outcomes

Posted by Vele Galovski and Harald Kopp on 5/28/15 6:30 AM

In our post Driving Service Efficiency in the Age of IoT, we highlighted the most common application for smart, connected products: service efficiency. However, this narrow focus limited the return on investment for many suppliers, leaving many to wonder what the IoT (Internet of Things) buzz was all about. The next step on the Remote Services continuum, process optimization, places more emphasis on the customer, which leads to better results for everyone. 

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Topics: field services, industrial equipment, internet of things (IoT), service efficiency, optimization, Intro to IoT, smart services

4 Questions To Help You Optimize For Customer Success

Posted by Judith Platz on 3/10/15 6:30 AM

For companies operating on a subscription-based business model, there’s an immense amount of pressure to keep customers engaged enough to renew their contracts. Customers today are expecting to receive even more value for their dollar, so how do we as an industry show them the value we can provide? While no one knows your product or service better than you do, you should get to know your customers just as well, and that’s where building customer success capabilities within your organization can help. 

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Topics: customer success, optimization

Tips For Optimizing Your Recommendation Engine for Customer Outcomes

Posted by Bryan Girkins on 1/27/15 6:30 AM

In today’s B4B world, meeting business outcomes for the customer is increasingly more important. If suppliers can present valid solutions to the pressing issues facing customers at the right time, then win rates will improve, suppliers’ business will grow, and customers will gain success. Can these offers, or at least the presentation of the offers, be automated? 

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Topics: knowledge management, best practices, customer outcomes, optimization, recommendation engine

Education Services: Building and Maintaining a Successful Subscription-Based Business

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 12/22/14 9:30 AM

It used to be that the only thing a subscription bought you was a magazine, the newspaper, or maybe a gym membership. Clearly, times have changed. Products and services now offered via a subscription model abound, and they range from the simple, such as a weekly box of organic snacks, to the sophisticated, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). With such diversity in the types of companies providing subscription-based offers, what approach should education services (ES) organizations consider in building and maintaining a successful subscription business?

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Topics: XaaS (x-as-a-service), education services, subscription-based offers, customer churn, LaaS (learning-as-a-service), 12 Days of Insights, SaaS (software-as-a-service), optimization

Reading the Tea Leaves: Use Customer Surveys to Effect Culture Change

Posted by Francoise Tourniaire on 12/14/14 1:21 PM

12 Days of Insights 2014: Day 5

To celebrate the holiday season, we’re giving the gift of knowledge! Join us as we share our favorite posts from top technology services thought leaders in our 12 Days of Insights blog series.

How would you like to increase your customer satisfaction ratings for six months straight while (not coincidentally!) reducing resolution time by 50 percent? One of my clients did, and you can too, by following these five relatively straightforward steps that link the operational processess of your support team and customer satisfaction. With a little effort and persistence, you'll be well on your way to changing your organizational culture for the better. 

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Topics: support, metrics, customer satisfaction, organizational culture, customer support, 12 Days of Insights, optimization

[Infographic] Optimizing Your Support Delivery

Posted by Judith Platz on 10/10/14 6:30 AM

In TSIA’s 2014 Customer Success Baseline Survey, we set out to discover what key practices companies are using to drive customer success delivery and performance. Using industry responses, we were able to identify three distinct profiles of customer success organizations (CSOs) as well as establishing a baseline set of performance results and metrics.

In addition to TSIA’s Customer Success Baseline Survey, TSIA continues to benchmark member Support Services organizations, and these combined results continue to identify the main challenges services organizations are currently facing, including customer satisfaction metrics, support organizational structures, support channel mix, and key performance indicators.

This infographic outlines how top-performing technology companies are rising to meet these challenges by reforming critical points in their support delivery process. How well optimized is your support organization for customer success?

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Topics: customer success, infographic, optimization


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