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Posted by John Ragsdale on 12/2/16 5:00 AM

Today's customer is demanding support via their preferred channels, which means that online communities and Twitter are now being used as often as phone and email. No longer just a consumer phenomenon, social support has become a common practice in enterprise support, with the majority of B2B companies offering customer discussion forums. In fact, more than half of TSIA members are now offering some level of support via social media channels. But, that doesn't mean that we, as an industry, have it all figured out just yet.

You're invited to participate in TSIA's annual Social Support Survey, which tracks year-over-year trends in social channels offered for customer support, program ownership, performance metrics, service level agreements (SLAs), and staffing for both online communities and social media support. This year, we've added some new questions that will help us gain additional insight into community activity, including the role of customers vs. employees vs. partners in answering forum questions.

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Intelligently Optimizing Digital Support Channels

Posted by Nick Sellers on 10/11/16 5:00 AM

Many businesses aren't clear as to what good digital support entails, with only vague notions about lowering costs and improving customer experience. Their focus is instead on implementing a platform that gives them the best return on investment, which is measured in money (and time) saved.

These businesses often also make the mistake of introducing digital support platforms—such as self-service, real-time chat, online communities and social networks—as discrete standalone projects even when part of a larger campaign. They also tend to prioritize budget and execution methods rather than customer experience and outcomes. While the former strategy can save a little money now, the latter will be what defines a support platform's long-term success.

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4 Top Tech Support Tips for Your Multi-Channel Strategy

Posted by Jodi Beuder on 5/15/14 1:08 PM

Whether a customer contacts your tech support team through online chat, e-mail, or through social media, they should get the same advice and guidance. This article provides four essential tips that will help your company’s tech support reputation excel―on every channel.

A good tech support team will drive the reputation of a product, and it can be one of your most marketable assets – even if your product is priced higher than competitor’s products. If people are dealing with a technology they are not familiar with, or one that requires updates, knowing that a tech support team is available through multiple channels―such as e-mail, live chat, or online forums―can influence the sale―particularly when people know that the tech support is actually helpful.

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TSW Best Practices 2013: Commentary from Ken O’Reilly, TSIA’s Support & Field Service Research Expert

Posted by Ken O'Reilly on 5/21/13 4:46 PM

The TSIA Research Team captured some great observations and key takeaways from their experiences at TSW. Over the next several days, we'll be delivering their commentary to you here, in this blog mini-series, from our TSIA thought leaders. Today, key takeaways from Ken O’Reilly, TSIA vice president of support and field services research.

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