Live from TSW 2017 San Diego! Here's What You Can Expect

Posted by John Ragsdale on 5/1/17 10:52 AM

Today kicked off my 23rd TSIA conference, Technology Services World, in beautiful San Diego. I have a busy day planned, starting with my Partner Advisory Board meeting at 7 AM, my keynote at 11:30 AM, and my Power Hour session at 4 PM. Before things get too crazy, I wanted to write up some of themes I’m talking about this week which hopefully will resonate with you.

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TSW Keynote Preview: Organizing for Recurring Revenues [SlideShare]

Posted by Thomas Lah on 4/21/17 5:00 AM

Even though markets and the revenue streams are rapidly migrating toward XaaS, the financial and organizational models of many technology companies are still catching up. So where do these organizational models need to change in order to keep up with where the revenue is now going? I explore this topic and more in my upcoming Technology Services World keynote presentation, “Organizing for Recurring Revenues.” Take a look at this SlideShare for a preview of what I’ll be covering.

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[SlideShare] Digging Economic Moats for Your XaaS Business

Posted by J.B. Wood on 5/18/16 6:30 AM

Last week, I attended Gainsight's Pulse 2016 conference and had the honor of presenting as a keynote speaker, as well as facilitating panel discussions with industry leaders. In my main stage keynote, "Digging Economic Moats for Your XaaS Business," I shared a few concepts from TSIA's new book, Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business, specifically how SaaS and other subscription companies need to evolve their business and financial models in a way that facilitates actual (GaaP) profits for them by delivering great business outcomes for their customers. Take a look at this SlideShare of my Pulse presentation, where I outline the six economic moats that have made tech into such a profitable industry, as well as the critical role that customer success organizations can play in helping your organization maintain competitive advantage, keep customers on your platform, and most importantly, produce profits. You can also watch a video recording of my presentation online.

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[Livestream] Watch Thomas Lah’s Keynote "Winning in the Cloud Economy" Live Online Today at 2 PM PT

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 5/2/16 12:00 PM

In case you can't attend in person, we're going to be livestreaming Thomas Lah's opening keynote of TSW, "Winning in the Cloud Economy." Tune in today, May 2 at 2:00 PM Pacific to watch the live session online!
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[SlideShare] Winning in the Cloud Economy: TSW Keynote Preview

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 4/25/16 4:39 PM

Customer expectations have changed dramatically, and technology solutions providers still operating under legacy business models are feeling the pressure to develop new technology-as-a-service (XaaS) offers. While the emergence of cloud models is impacting nearly every business in tech, many are still uncertain of how to make this transition and be profitable. In his opening keynote presentation at TSW San Diego 2016, "Winning in the Cloud Economy," TSIA's executive director, Thomas Lah will be presenting key material from his upcoming book, Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business to help you navigate the impact of the cloud economy and achieve growth and profits. Take a look at this SlideShare for a sneak peek of what you can learn from this inspiring session about how to grow and scale a profitable technology-as-a-service business.

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Learn from HubSpot CRO Mark Roberge at TSW San Diego 2016

Posted by Nicole Dornsife on 4/13/16 8:28 AM

We're gearing up for an exciting Technology Services World conference full of inspiring sessions about "Tech as a Service: Winning in the Cloud." Joining us this year as a speaker is Mark Roberge, the Chief Revenue Officer for HubSpot's Sales Division, who will be sharing HubSpot's journey to becoming the successful cloud business it is today in his keynote, "Aligning Sales, Services, and Marketing Around Customer Success: HubSpot Case Study". Mark was kind enough to join me for a short Q&A session to share what attendees can expect from his upcoming presentation. The full interview can be viewed on the TSW website, but here's a snippet of what he had to say. 

Editor's Note 11/8/2016: Mark Roberge's presentation is now available to view online!

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TSW Conference: 90 Sessions + 125 Speakers + You = B4B Awesomeness

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 8/12/14 7:30 AM

Technology Services World 2014 Service Transformations is your most powerful and cost-effective way to learn, engage, and share strategies, best practices, and solutions to achieve Corporate Growth in the Age of Services.

Our power-packed schedule will help you understand the shift to B4B and provide you with a road map for successfully navigating your future. View the infographic below for an overview of how to thrive in what is the most challenging, exciting, and revolutionary time in our industry.

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Technology Services World Best Practices: Day Three

Posted by Suzanne Hite on 5/7/14 6:46 AM

Day Three happenings at TSW Best Practices 2014!

TSW Networking at Its Finest in the TSW | EXPO

It’s hard to believe that this is the final day of TSW Best Practices 2014. What a spectacular experience it has been. The energy, participation, and information sharing has been outstanding. You can see it in the photos, hear it in the session rooms, and observe it in the TSW | EXPO.

There’s a ton in store today, our last day together, so let’s get to it!

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TSW Service Transformations: What’s on Tap for Day One

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 10/21/13 9:16 AM

“It’s going to be a historically big day today at TSW. Record high attendance, the book launch of B4B, four (!) fantastic keynotes, Power Hour sessions delivering the latest TSIA research, and a Welcome Reception in the TSW | EXPO!”

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TSW Best Practices: Day Two Happenings

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 5/7/13 9:08 AM

Yesterday'’s TSW event was just phenomenal! Tons of momentum and brilliance transported the audience into the future of services technology. Today we keep that momentum going with even more great sessions, discussions, and networking events. Get out your TSW planning tool and check the box! It’s going to be a great Day Two!

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