What Is Education Services?

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 12/14/17 5:00 AM

What is education services? It sounds like a trick question, but is it? The role and nature of education services (ES) organizations has been morphing over the past few years. However, one consistent element is that education services, or whatever name your company gives to a similar organization, is responsible for customer-facing training. Additionally, 82% of ES functions train channel partners and 75% provide technical training for internal employees, most commonly Sales, Pre-Sales, and Professional Services personnel.

While this describes the common audiences that ES organizations serve, it doesn’t answer the question, which really boils down to the charter of education services. Is it adoption? Is it enablement? Is it revenue? Is it customer success? While there are many things an ES organization can be, I’d venture to say that it is in fact all of these things, which is probably why many education organizations are going through an identity crisis.
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How Customer Journey Mapping Improves the Customer Experience

Posted by Phil Nanus on 9/15/17 5:00 AM

We’re excited about our upcoming Technology Services World conference this fall in Las Vegas. This year’s theme is the Art and Science of the Customer Journey, and within my area of research, customer success, many attendees will realize this theme is definitely in our wheelhouse.

As part of the customer journey, we usually see two bigger phases of customer success maturity. The first is when we observe a group of professionals working across a company on projects and initiatives that improve the customer’s experience, which we refer to as the “thematic” view of customer success. The second is an organization that has one or more of three common charters of customer success: adoption, retention, and expansion. Regardless of maturity of your customer success and customer experience initiatives, being able to improve your customer’s experience should be a top priority for these teams.

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[Ebook] The Building Blocks of Customer Success

Posted by Phil Nanus on 9/13/17 5:00 AM

Before you can establish and grow your own Customer Success function within your company, you must first have a firm understanding of the basics. I’ve written this ebook to help technology companies of all types get an overall view of what customer success means, how its performed, and how to tell when you’re doing it right. Whether you’re brand new to the concept or just need a refresher, this ebook can be your reference to all things customer success. 

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4 Phases of Customer Success Maturity

Posted by Phil Nanus on 6/13/17 9:28 PM

As more technology companies move toward new “as-a-service"/subscription revenue business models, customer success continues to play a big role in this transition by preventing customer churn and securing crucial recurring annuity streams. But how do you know which stage of development your organization is at, and what is the end goal? To answer that, TSIA has developed the Customer Success Maturity Model, which allows companies to see where they stand against their peers and spot potential ways to improve as they move through the stages of their organizational maturity. 

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