TSW San Diego: Day 1 Recap

Posted by John Ragsdale on 5/2/17 11:35 AM

The Hilton San Diego Bayfront is an amazing place for a conference. Overlooking the water, you can sit in meetings and breakout sessions and watch sailboats cruise by, or take your lunch out on a patio and enjoy the breeze. Unfortunately, I was a bit too busy yesterday—the first day of Technology Services World—to enjoy the breeze. Here’s a recap of what went down yesterday. 

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Learn Online Customer Engagement Strategies from John Ragsdale at TSW

Posted by Nicole Dornsife on 3/2/17 5:00 AM

At our spring Technology Services World conference, we have a great lineup of inspiring keynote speakers who will be sharing their expertise on this year's theme, “Organizational Convergence in a Recurring Revenue World.” Kicking off the event with his pre-conference keynote is TSIA's VP of Technology and Social Research, John Ragsdale, with his session entitled, “Creating a Converged Online Customer Engagement Strategy.” In this Q&A interview, John gives us a sneak peek at what he plans to present in his keynote, as well as his thoughts on the convergence trend we're seeing across the technology and services industry.  

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You’re Invited to Participate in TSIA’s 12th Annual Global Technology Survey!

Posted by John Ragsdale on 2/6/17 5:00 AM

Has it really been 12 years? When I launched the very first Global Technology Survey in 2006, the focus was just on tools for technical support and field service, with a total of 21 categories of technology. Over the years as TSIA has expanded and introduced new focus areas, the survey has expanded too, covering technology specific to education services, managed services, professional services, service revenue generation, and most recently, customer success and expand selling.

The 2017 Global Technology Survey covers a total of 42 categories. But don't worry—you won't be asked to answer all 42. Once you tell us which service discipline you belong to, we'll only prompt you to answer questions about technology relevant to your department. There is a good mix of standard tools which are highly adopted (CRM, customer portals, employee collaboration) as well as more nascent areas with limited adoption by pacesetters (upsell/cross-sell, consumption monitoring, Internet of Things). 

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Topics: customer relationship management (CRM), consumption analytics, internet of things (IoT), collaboration, customer portal, EMEA, cross-sell, upsell, service technology

TSW Day 1 Recap: Knowledge Management Front and Center

Posted by John Ragsdale on 10/18/16 5:00 AM

Yesterday was the opening day of Technology Services World in Las Vegas, and it was an action packed day. I started with a partner advisory board meeting at 7AM, then a kickoff meeting for partners, and my opening keynote, "Overcoming Barriers to Knowledge Sharing" at 11:45. We definitely had more people attend my keynote than anticipated, and I'm sorry to everyone who didn't make it into the room. The seats were filled, and people standing 3 deep, so I tried my best to entertain!

My topic was improving enterprise knowledge sharing, and I highlighted data from my 2016 Knowledge Management Survey. Why is knowledge management such a hot topic? Because companies perceive improved knowledge sharing as a lever they can pull to improve operational effectiveness. Here’s the data:

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4 Essentials of a Winning Customer Self-Service Strategy

Posted by Jennifer MacIntosh on 8/23/16 6:30 AM

Great self-service is something most companies aspire to provide, in pursuit of an exceptional customer experience. When done well, it increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s also cheaper and relieves the contact center from the burden of answering repetitive calls.

97% of the support leaders TSIA surveyed plan to invest in self-service tools in the next two years. To select the right tools, you first need to have a clear vision of what great self-service means to you and your customer.

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Top 3 Technology Investments for EMEA Businesses

Posted by John Ragsdale on 7/14/16 6:30 AM

The results of our annual Global Technology Survey allows us to get a detailed look at which new technology and organizational capabilities are seeing the most investment dollars from some of the top companies in the industry. Although overall planned spending is high across all survey categories, which relate in some way to one or several of TSIA's service disciplines, there were some key investment areas that stood out, especially in the Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) regions. In fact, over 80% of our international respondents are planning the majority of their spending in three main categories over the next one to two years. For any technology organization considering additional investments in technology and services in the years ahead, it's always a good idea to see where your peers have already adopted solutions in order to avoid losing a competitive edge. In this post, I'd like to share the top three areas EMEA region companies are investing in: billing and invoicing systems, IoT/smart services platforms, and self-service portals. 

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Topics: proactive support, online support, internet of things (IoT), customer portal, EMEA, smart services

What I Heard at TSW San Diego 2016

Posted by John Ragsdale on 5/10/16 8:38 AM

Last week, TSIA held our Technology Services World (TSW) conference in beautiful San Diego. I had a really busy week with 11 presentations, including a technology keynote and the EXPO Tour, and I spent most of Wednesday in 1:1 meetings with members, talking about their technology challenges. Based on questions asked during breakout sessions, my 1:1 meetings, and dozens of hallway and EXPO conversations, I've put together a list of the common themes I heard that I'd like to share with you.

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Creating the Ultimate Customer Portal: Function

Posted by John Ragsdale on 2/4/16 6:30 AM

In this three-part blog series, I’m answering some of the most common questions I receive about how organizations can go about creating the ultimate customer portal. In my previous post, I outlined the reasons why companies need a customer portal and discussed the first of three critical elements to consider when creating the ultimate customer portal: design. This post will focus on another key element, function, as well as introduce the types of features you’ll want to consider including when building your own.

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Creating the Ultimate Customer Portal: Design

Posted by John Ragsdale on 12/1/15 7:30 AM

I receive more questions about customer portals, i.e., the web self-service site, than just about anything else. It is a topic that continues to be top of mind with members, and at our recent TSW conference in Las Vegas, I had quite a few discussions with attendees about their customer portal journey, including some amazing results, and unfortunately, some political, technical and financial challenges. To gather some of these thoughts together and answer some common questions surrounding how your organization can go about creating the ultimate customer portal, I’ll be discussing some key tips and tricks in this three-part blog series.

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Topics: customer support, online support, self-service support, customer portal, Creating the Ultimate Customer Portal

Building a Customer Portal: Where to Start

Posted by John Ragsdale on 11/11/14 6:30 AM

At our recent Technology Services World conference, I spent a day in one-on-one meetings with members, discussing their technology challenges and planned projects. One topic kept popping up again and again: creating a customer portal on the company website. With so many companies confused about where to begin, here are some best practices and lessons learned to consider. 

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