Optimize and “Appify” Your Customer Journey Maps with Analytics

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 9/8/17 5:00 AM

Customer journey maps are typically the result of a business planning exercise to better understand B2C customer experience sequences. With journey maps in hand, suppliers can then purposefully control and optimize the interactions to improve supplier outcomes in typically narrow circumstances.

However, the customer journey for a large technology buyer is complicated and dynamic. In this post, I’m going to explain that journey and how you can deliver a dynamic and more customized approach to customer journey mapping, an approach I like to refer to as “appifying,” with the help of analytics.

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4 Phases of Customer Success Maturity

Posted by Phil Nanus on 6/13/17 9:28 PM

As more technology companies move toward new “as-a-service"/subscription revenue business models, customer success continues to play a big role in this transition by preventing customer churn and securing crucial recurring annuity streams. But how do you know which stage of development your organization is at, and what is the end goal? To answer that, TSIA has developed the Customer Success Maturity Model, which allows companies to see where they stand against their peers and spot potential ways to improve as they move through the stages of their organizational maturity. 

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Keeping the Customer Experience First

Posted by Heather Shafer and Oscar Alban on 2/16/16 7:30 AM

More than ever before, the customer continues to be king in 2016. Along these lines, we would like to share some of the insights and highlights from a recent TSW session, “Why Customer Experience is Vital to Your Company's Success.” In this session, co-presented by Verint and Snap-on Tools, a leading global innovator, manufacturer, and marketer of tools, we discussed how the Snap-on Tools Customer Care Center uses Verint Speech Analytics to capture critical feedback from their customers and has incorporated it into their customer journey mapping to quantify the customer experience.

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Topics: customer satisfaction, customer experience management, customer experience journey mapping

Achieve Subscription Success Through Customer Journey Mapping

Posted by Dhaval Moogimane, Steven Michalkow, and Peter Armaly on 1/26/16 7:30 AM

The subscription economy continues to push its way into our everyday lives. It’s highly likely that nearly everyone reading this post has a subscription to Netflix, Spotify, or ZipCar, or even Dollar Shave Club.

In technology, the subscription shift isn’t just happening on the consumer side—many enterprise technology providers are also making the transition. The SaaS segment of enterprise software will grow at an aggressive 18 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next three years, and will represent approximately 31 percent of the total software economy by 2018[i].

In this post, we will outline why delivering a remarkable end-to-end customer experience is key to subscription success, two golden rules of customer engagement, common barriers to success, and the power of customer journey mapping in achieving it.

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Topics: customer success, customer experience journey mapping, SaaS (software-as-a-service), customer engagement

Don't Get Caught Off Guard By A Poor Customer Experience

Posted by Dennis Gershowitz on 10/1/15 6:30 AM

About six weeks ago, I shipped a piece of art via a highly reputable shipper. I will spare you the details of this fiasco, but needless to say, for a company prides itself in its branding as delivering the highest level of customer experience, I have to wonder how much truth there is behind their claim. My misfortune brings up the point that every company looking to maintain a good reputation with their customers should always be asking themselves, "Would our customer experience be considered positive or negative?"

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Virtual vs. Human Support: It's Time to Shake Hands with Technology

Posted by Dennis Gershowitz on 4/23/15 6:30 AM

I recently saw a quote by IntelliResponse about how Gartner is predicting that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. In fact, in one of their recent surveys, 56% of the respondents indicated that they have a self-service initiative underway. However, the challenge remains with the people using it and the technology. 

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6 Steps to Skyrocketing Your Service Delivery With Journey Mapping

Posted by Dennis Gershowitz on 10/28/14 6:30 AM

Journey mapping is a company diagram that illustrates what customers truly want when it comes to service delivery and product involvement based on actual customer experiences. The more touch points customers receive, the more detailed the map. The purpose of customer journey mapping is to understand service delivery from start to finish so that companies can improve their processes for exceptional customer service. 

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Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Posted by David Kay on 4/24/14 5:06 PM

“In the technology services business, our workdays are consumed with the things we do: closing cases, escalating, shipping replacement parts, improving knowledge and self-service, dispatching field staff, preparing for new product introductions…the list goes on and on. But it turns out, this isn’t what your customers are experiencing, at all.” 

Why Journey Map?
“O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!”

-- Robert Burns

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