What Makes TSIA Strategic Services Different from Consulting?

Posted by Thomas Lah on 10/18/17 5:00 AM

Often, TSIA members will ask us what the difference is between a traditional consulting engagement and TSIA Strategic Services. While we are always excited to share the many benefits of TSIA Strategic Services, the best way to fully understand the difference is to ask someone who’s experienced both and offer their unbiased perspective. I had the pleasure of speaking with Byron McDuffee, VP of Global Strategy for CDK Global, who recently wrapped up an advisory engagement with us. Here is what he had to say about his experiences and how they compared to traditional consulting.

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Resource Management 2.0: Overcoming the Barriers to Efficient Use of Human Capital

Posted by Randy Mysliviec on 1/17/14 1:38 PM

Discover five key industry barriers to resource management success and how to overcome them, enabling your team to predictably get the right person in the right place at the right time.

Recent research makes it clear that while the professional and consulting services industry has invested in process improvements to enhance project performance, quality, and cost of delivery, the industry is actually getting worse at resource management (RM)! Given that labor expense is the single biggest cost element for professional services organizations (PSOs), these trends must be reversed for any services organization to be successful.

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Leveraging Your Consultants to Capture Untapped Revenue Potential

Posted by Kyle Andrews on 9/27/13 8:26 AM

For good reason, using services delivery resources to extend the sales reach is a strategy employed by many companies. But in doing so, there are challenges to be considered. Utilizing a framework for creating and enabling the high-value sales force will help ensure that all bases are covered.

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Topics: consulting, revenue growth, professional services, training, sales

Growing Your Practice through Exceptional Communication and Community

Posted by Jodi Cicci on 9/19/13 7:48 AM

“Isn’t there a saying, 'If you build it, they will come'? Whoever coined it definitely was working off of a known customer community!”

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