The Real Benefits of Certification: An Example from Intermedia

Posted by Nicole Dornsife on 5/11/17 5:00 AM

Whereas TSIA’s Strategic Services offerings were designed to give our members the hands-on, customized assistance they need to meet their business objectives, our Strategic Certifications programs put these accomplishments to the test, and enable companies to receive recognition for being the best in the industry. We’re thrilled to announce that TSIA member company and cloud software provider, Intermedia, has recently gone through several of these rigorous certification processes and received both the TSIA Rated Outstanding and J.D. Power Certified Assisted Technical Support certifications. I spoke with Connie Adcock, VP of Client Services at Intermedia to learn about their experiences with the certification process, hear how they’ve benefitted from these programs, and to also see if she had any advice for others who are considering getting certified. Here’s what she had to say!

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What 10 Years of J.D. Power Certification Has Done for Cisco

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 7/21/16 11:24 AM

Beyond membership, TSIA offers a variety of diagnostic evaluations and certifications through our Operational Best Practices (OBP) programs. These rigorous assessments allow technology companies to accurately measure all aspects of their customers’ technical support experience, from their interactions with their people, processes, and technology, as they strive to provide the best customer experience and establish themselves as an industry leader in customer satisfaction.

As the first company in the history of the program to receive ten consecutive certifications, we'd like to honor Cisco Systems in receiving the J.D. Power Certified Technology Service and Support certification, which was jointly developed by TSIA and J.D. Power to measure dedication to service excellence. We asked Cisco's Joe Pinto, SVP, Technical Services, to share with us some of his thoughts on what this Operational Best Practices program has done for their organization and for their customers.

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2 Certification Best Practices for Education Services Organizations

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 6/16/16 6:30 AM

In my last blog post, I talked about how education services organizations can use certification programs as part of their customer adoption strategy. Now that you know more about the role certification can play in keeping your customers engaged with your content, it's worth evaluating how your current certification program stacks up based on industry best practices, or if you do not yet have a certification program, looking into how you can get started.

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Leveraging Certification to Drive Adoption

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 4/22/16 6:30 AM

In today’s subscription-centric world, customer churn is like kryptonite. Even in small amounts, it is toxic to the business. It’s therefore not surprising that service organizations are looking for every lever they can pull to drive customer adoption of their solution as a means to help secure subscription renewals.

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