Benchmarking Managed Services Performance: How Do You Compare? [Infographic]

Posted by George Humphrey on 6/6/17 5:00 AM

To stay ahead of the competition, it’s important as a managed services provider to regularly gauge your performance against industry pacesetters while maintaining the current health of your operation. But how do you find out what “good” looks like so you can know what to aim for?

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Tips For Optimizing Your Recommendation Engine for Customer Outcomes

Posted by Bryan Girkins on 1/27/15 6:30 AM

In today’s B4B world, meeting business outcomes for the customer is increasingly more important. If suppliers can present valid solutions to the pressing issues facing customers at the right time, then win rates will improve, suppliers’ business will grow, and customers will gain success. Can these offers, or at least the presentation of the offers, be automated? 

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Churn Is a Downstream Issue. So Don’t Fix Churn; Create an Anti-Churn Environment

Posted by Francoise Tourniaire on 4/4/14 1:54 PM

“The problem of churn is very similar to that of staff turnover: You don’t fix turnover by talking employees who are quitting into staying, you do it by creating a great place to work.

Losing customers is not a good thing, so many vendors actively try to fix churn, often by “saving” customers who have failed to renew. But churn is a downstream issue: Customers leave because they fail to find value in the products or services. Once they decide the value is not there, saving them is unlikely, even with significant financial concessions. The problem of churn is very similar to that of staff turnover: You don’t fix turnover by talking employees who are quitting into staying; you do it by creating a great place to work.

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Cloud Computing: A Winning Scenario for Everyone

Posted by Julia Stegman on 7/1/13 6:31 AM

Julia Stegman, TSIA service revenue generation (SRG) expert, was a recent guest blogger for BMC Software’s Global Services Blog on a topic close to all of our hearts: Cloud computing: A winning scenario for everyone.

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Topics: cloud, managed services, service revenue generation, service revenue, revenue growth, best practices, return on investment (ROI), value-added services

TSW Best Practices: Day Three Events

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 5/8/13 6:22 AM

Riding on the momentum of Days One and Two, we have to say, this event so far has been just spectacular. And it's your participation that makes it so great. So much information sharing, audience participation, and keen interest is shown throughout each and every event. You can see it in the photos, hear it in the session rooms, and really experience it in the interactions with the people here.

We're really excited to bring you today's lineup. There is so much greatness in store for you, so let's get straight to it!

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TSW Best Practices: Day Two Happenings

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 5/7/13 9:08 AM

Yesterday'’s TSW event was just phenomenal! Tons of momentum and brilliance transported the audience into the future of services technology. Today we keep that momentum going with even more great sessions, discussions, and networking events. Get out your TSW planning tool and check the box! It’s going to be a great Day Two!

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