Sales are Everyone’s Responsibility: Expanding Your On-Site Sales Force

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Everyone_Can_SellSales are at the heart of every successful business, but new selling opportunities can present themselves to anyone within a company, not just your dedicated sales team. (Tweet this!) In his blog post, “Creating a Powerful Entrepreneurial On-Site Sales Force,” Vele Galovski, TSIA’s VP of Research, Field Services, discusses the benefits of transforming your company’s internal culture into one that encourages the concept of sales being everyone’s responsibility.

Bringing Out the Inner Salesman

Even though their primary focus is in the delivery of service, your on-site personnel can also drive adoption and expansion of customer accounts, which can ultimately lead to renewal opportunities. Here’s a quote from Vele’s post that directly references how harnessing the talents of natural salesmen within other departments can benefit your entire company:

“By expanding the role of operational staff to include a secondary sales responsibility, we significantly increased our Same Account Revenue. As a result, we had plenty of money to count, orders to fulfill and customers to serve.”

You can read the full post and more on Vele’s blog, The Perpetual Innovation Machine.

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