[Infographic] How to Improve Your Professional Services Pricing

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A common dilemma many professional services organizations face is competitively pricing their services in a way that they can also stay profitable. The unfortunate reality is that, without an effective pricing strategy in place, improper discounting practices and low list rates can lead to these organizations drastically undercharging for valuable services. Fortunately there is a solution, and the first step to improving your professional services pricing strategy is identifying the areas within your current plan that need the most improvement. Use this handy flow chart to quickly assess how you can improve your professional services pricing strategy by evaluating two critical components that could be negatively affecting your organization’s profitability: list rates and discounting. 


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According to the flow chart, how effective is your professional services organization’s current pricing strategy? Contact TSIA today and we'll benchmark your company and give you even more detailed recommendations for optimizing your pricing strategy for profitability.

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bo-dimuccio.jpgBo Di Muccio, Ph.D., is vice president of research, Professional Services, for TSIA. He is also the chairperson of the TSIA Professional Services Advisory Board. Using his nearly 15 years of experience in technology industry research, analysis, and consulting, Di Muccio develops and delivers research and advisory programs that help some of the world’s leading technology companies build and optimize their professional services business.

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