The Expand Selling Practices and Metrics Survey is Now Open!

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Expand_Selling_Baseline_SurveyTSIA’s 1st Annual Expand Selling Practices and Metrics Survey is now open! With this survey, we’ll baseline where the tech industry currently stands within key areas, and begin to identify industry high-water marks and best practices. Contact me directly to receive a private invitation to participate in the survey, as well as the webinar where we will go over our findings. 

The Reason for This Survey

Technology companies are facing the dual challenge of flat to declining product revenues, coupled with sub-optimized service growth and profitability. For pure-play cloud providers and hardware/software providers moving into the cloud model, this problem is made even worse by the fact that the majority of providers are experiencing negative cloud profits. As a result, they are struggling to achieve the revenue and profit goals that their internal stakeholders and external investors are expecting.

These companies are also realizing that expanding revenues with existing customers is a critical element to achieving their financial commitments. TSIA refers to this emerging practice as Expand Selling, and defines it accordingly:

As part of the broader customer engagement model, expand selling is a formal, structured set of capabilities combining cost-effective expand selling channels and customer outcome engineering that technology companies need to build and deploy in order to accelerate revenue growth at scale.

About the Expand Selling Practices and Metrics Survey

TSIA believes that transformation will need to occur in these key areas if companies hope to meet their financial goals and grow their business:

  • Customer Engagement Models
  • Sales Skills
  • Sales and Marketing Practices
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Sales Metrics

For this survey, we are interested in studying technology companies from across the spectrum (from pure on-premise hardware providers to pure-play cloud providers), along with a broad range of functions (sales, services, customer success, marketing, product management).

Lastly, this survey will explore the area of expand selling both within the general context of growing revenues within existing clients and as a dedicated, formal initiative. Companies do not need to have a formal expand selling program to effectively complete this survey.

Everyone who completes the survey will be invited to a private webinar to review the results. To participate, email me directly to receive your special invitation! Survey ends at midnight, March 4. Thanks to all of you for reading and spreading the word. I look forward to seeing the results and sharing our findings!

About the Author


Mark Middlekamp is vice president of research, Expand Selling, for TSIA. He has nearly 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and software product management. Mark is dedicated to helping sales, services, and marketing organizations generate more profitable product and services revenues leveraging Cloud and outcome-based operating models. He can be contacted via email at

Mark frequently writes about these topics:
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