[Infographic] Emerging Trends in Mobility for Field Services

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Mobililty trends in Field ServicesThe growing popularity and use of smartphones and tablets has had major implications for field services organizations. While increased mobility is one obvious advantage, the rapid development of video conferencing, mobile knowledge management applications, and wearables is rapidly creating an even greater positive impact. For example, the ability to link a customer to a live video chat agent for help has created a whole new user experience that is going to convince customers, and field services personnel, that this is an option they need.

Also, with the improved connectivity this new technology brings, field technicians will not only have their complete knowledgebase available at their fingertips, but they can also leverage the expertise of specialists in their office to solve the difficult problems that would otherwise eat up time and money.

In this infographic, we take a closer look at how mobility in the field services industry is growing, and how this trend will lead to an overall improved customer experience and increased productivity for both technicians and field service companies.


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Vele Galovski is vice president of research, Field Services, for TSIA. Using his nearly 30 years of industry experience, he has consistently helped companies both large and small drive double-digit top-line growth with a proven retain, gain, and grow strategy. Vele has also written a book, The Perpetual Innovation Machine, which describes a holistic approach to management based on ambitious goal setting, data driven analysis, skillful prioritization, inspiring leadership, and the lost art of employee engagement. He may be contacted at vele.galovski@tsia.com

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