Cloud Computing: A Winning Scenario for Everyone

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cloud computing in the palm of your handJulia Stegman, TSIA service revenue generation (SRG) expert, was a recent guest blogger for BMC Software’s Global Services Blog on a topic close to all of our hearts: Cloud computing: A winning scenario for everyone.

Stegman has a lot of great points in this post, pointing to some of the key trends she has observed as TSIA’s vice president of SRG research. Organizations of all sizes continue their interest in cloud computing, and with that trend, cloud computing revenues for technology companies have increased 35 percent year-over-year.

As companies embrace the cloud and deploy cloud computing platforms, value-added services (VAS) are playing an increasingly important role in accelerating the ROI in technology—and corporations are progressively more aware of this dynamic.

Stegman cites a number of VAS examples in her post, such as “premium or premier support,” “enterprise support,” or “mission-critical services.” End goals typically include sharing best practices, driving performance optimization, achievement of company objectives, increased learning and user adoption, and facilitation of troubleshooting and benchmarking practices.

Stegman says that there are many cloud companies out there who will manage the environment for you—take on the management functions on your behalf. These are often referred to as “managed services,” “administration services,” or “operational services.” The offerings vary, starting at the lower end with tasks that are managed by the technology company, and at the higher end, where the tech company manages the whole operation on a daily basis.

Stegman closes with some great final thoughts: Value-added services and managed services are a core competency of technology companies. Customers who leverage these services receive a higher return on their technology investment and a shorter path to realized business value. And, what is clear with cloud services is that the emphasis is squarely placed on ensuring each customer’s success—and that’s a winning scenario for everyone.

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Julia Stegman is vice president of research, Service Revenue Generation, for TSIA. She has over 25 years of experience in the high-technology industry, and is responsible for driving the TSIA research agenda related to the growth of maintenance, SaaS, and managed service revenues as well as the expansion of product revenues with existing customers. 

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