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Peter Armaly is TSIA's former vice president of research, Customer Success. He has over 30 years of experience in supporting, enabling, and driving success with customers, and has held several customer-facing organizational leadership roles for technology companies such as BMC Software, Eloqua, and CA Technologies.

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Improve Your Onboarding Practices for Customer Success

Posted by Peter Armaly on 1/7/16 6:30 AM

In a previous life as the leader of a Customer Success organization, when speaking with the team I referred to the customer onboarding process as “our one perfect moment.” The logic was that it’s the single period of time when the customer is completely dependent upon the vendor before they’re able to take the next step forward. After all, during the sales process, they still have a choice whether to walk away or continue down the path to signing a deal. During the onboarding period, they are highly motivated to get started and are awaiting clear instructions from you, the vendor, as to what to do next. How you handle this transition will have a great impact on their decision to continue with your solution.

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Challenging Traditional Sales Roles

Posted by Peter Armaly on 12/11/15 6:30 AM

The long-running, oft-worshipped, and rarely questioned organizational business structure of Sales and Post-Sales is sick and overdue for some tough medicine. For years, there have been ample talks and thousands of articles written about the dysfunction of Sales and Marketing, but an even bigger argument can be made that the graver threat to a company is what isn’t working between the two major organizations, Sales and Post-Sales, that (sadly) often meet only at that line in the contract where the customer signs.

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A Preview of the Future for Customer Success

Posted by Peter Armaly on 9/29/15 6:30 AM

The technology industry is not only transforming itself, but in a great many ways is the catalyst for transformations taking place across many other industries. From manufacturing to retail, traditional media to social media, community medical clinics to hospital surgeries, construction to home management, there seems to be no sector of our economy exempt from technology-driven disruption and transformation. As TSIA’s new vice president of customer success research, I’d like to introduce myself by sharing some thoughts on where customer success fits into this dramatic shift, and what we can look forward to in the future. 

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