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Jeremy DalleTezze, PhD, is the vice president of analytics for TSIA. His professional background includes positions as a senior analyst, analytics consultant, and assistant professor of business, working with both small and large corporations on topics such as revenue forecasting, retail chain optimization, web analytics, text mining, and customer analytics.

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The Data Analytics Take on “Helping Will Sell, Selling Won’t Help”

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 2/9/18 5:00 AM

The message, “Helping will sell, selling won’t help,” is something that we repeat often here at TSIA, through our books, conferences, and research. That is because it is a concept that we truly believe in, because we’ve seen it in action time and again. If we apply this thought to data analytics, would it imply that data insights for the customer will sell, but data insights for the salesperson won’t help? I suppose it depends on the type of insights you’re able to gather.

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Topics: services, sales, data analytics, consumption analytics, marketing, predictive analytics, Blending Service and Sales Motions

Optimize and “Appify” Your Customer Journey Maps with Analytics

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 9/8/17 5:00 AM

Customer journey maps are typically the result of a business planning exercise to better understand B2C customer experience sequences. With journey maps in hand, suppliers can then purposefully control and optimize the interactions to improve supplier outcomes in typically narrow circumstances.

However, the customer journey for a large technology buyer is complicated and dynamic. In this post, I’m going to explain that journey and how you can deliver a dynamic and more customized approach to customer journey mapping, an approach I like to refer to as “appifying,” with the help of analytics.

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Topics: data analytics, customer experience journey mapping, LAER, Art and Science of the Customer Journey, customer journey mapping

The Data Handshake: Tearing Down Data Silos with Trust

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 3/23/17 5:00 AM

When J.B. Wood and Thomas Lah first introduced the concept of the “data handshake” in their book, B4B, it mainly focused on how it occurs between the technology supplier and customer. The basic premise of the data handshake is that in order for your company to provide data-driven, value-add services to your customers, you need their data. They give you some of their data, and in return, you give them enriched data insights. Depending on the vertical and geographical region, the handshake might be chock full of rich user-level information, or it might be mitigated to metadata and aggregated information. Either way, the supplier had to provide a compelling value proposition to gain the trust of its customers, and then deliver. 

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Topics: B4B, data analytics, TSIA Organizational Convergence Series, services convergence, convergence, organizational convergence, data handshake

The Secret Knowledge of Education Services

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 12/18/15 6:30 AM

At TSIA, we talk a great deal about data. We have frameworks, case studies, and lots of conversations with our members about how to leverage big data assets. During these conversations, I walk our members through a succession of questions, starting with their goals, current plans, and progressing through to their data assets and analytic capabilities. In many conversations, members inform me that they have limited, or no, access to rich customer data. In particular, they have no line of sight into how their customers are leveraging their products and/or services. 

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Topics: education services, data analytics, consumption analytics, learning management system

Why Are You Measuring That? A Guide to Consumption Analytics

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 3/17/15 9:22 AM

A common question I receive from TSIA member companies is, “What consumption metrics are people measuring?” While I could give generic examples, they likely won’t apply to every individual case. Here are a few ways the emerging new area of consumption analytics can help you identify the right metrics you should be tracking in order to receive the most valuable insights into your operation. 

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Topics: consumption analytics

Participate in the Adoption, Consumption and Outcome Metrics Survey!

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 12/3/14 6:30 AM

TSIA's 1st Annual Adoption, Consumption, and Outcome Metrics Survey is now open! Big data and analytics have been leveraged by B2C companies for over a decade, and B2B companies are starting to catch up quickly – but how quickly? At TSIA, we have challenged our members to develop analytic capabilities, particularly consumption analytic capabilities to optimize services, create new offerings, and help their customers achieve specific outcomes. This survey will determine the current analytic capabilities of tech services, and the resulting benefits.

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Topics: metrics, consumption analytics, customer adoption

Assumption Reality Check―Testing Those “Gut Feels” and Learning New Ones

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 11/5/13 12:23 PM

“Regardless of the specific examples, industries, and service context, we now have the opportunity to test our business assumptions with data analytics. Your decisions can be data informed in a precise manner that will yield competitive advantages in an increasingly competitive market.”

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Topics: customer satisfaction, data analytics, renewal, consumption analytics


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