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Jeff Connolly is the senior director of managed services research for TSIA. He is a video and telecommunications industry veteran, with over 20 years of experience in managed services and Cloud delivery models. In his role at TSIA, Jeff provides members with fact-based education and insight into the performance and operations of managed services providers of all sizes.

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(Managed) Lip Service: How to Recognize It and What to Do About It

Posted by Jeff Connolly on 1/11/18 5:00 AM

Congratulations! You are a managed services (MS) contributor and leader in a hardware or software original equipment manufacturer (OEM). You’ve been struggling with your company’s love/hate/embrace/ignore approach towards MS in the past. You’ve had your share of successes and failures acting as a change agent for your business and sometimes wondered if you were alone, if it was worth it, and if the business was ever going to realize its full potential.

And now, your executive management made a big splash about a new or renewed focus on MS! Maybe it was a call-out highlighting your MS capabilities in a 10k or a quarterly report, or even a press release or internal announcement about the importance of your company’s MS practice or key MS customer wins. Or, just maybe, MS was identified as one of your company’s “strategic pillars” going forward, and all your dreams about one of the hottest growth areas in tech are about to come true!

But, how do you know if this is more of the fits and starts you’ve seen in the past or if it is really going to catch fire this time? How do you know if this is just (managed) lip service, and if it is, what are you going to do about it?

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Managed Services and the Customer Journey

Posted by Jeff Connolly on 10/5/17 5:00 AM

At their core, all managed services have at least two things in common: first, they are subscription-based services rather than transactional services. Second, they focus on providing a business outcome to customers through the management of technology. This is often with measurable service-level objectives, rather than providing customers with a discrete product or service that would then become the customer’s responsibility to use to reach their outcome.

This is both true of standalone managed services (which can be sold after, or in conjunction with, a product sale) and subscription-based managed XaaS (in which product is included/embedded within the managed services contract, whether that’s an embedded product sale or a cloud-delivered model).

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Managed Services is an Orchestra

Posted by Jeff Connolly on 10/3/17 5:00 AM

To introduce myself, my name is Jeff Connolly and I am the new senior director of managed services research for TSIA. I’ve worked in managed services for most of my career—in very large technology companies, as well as a very small one—always with a focus on building new technology services in a rapidly changing environment.

When I first started working in tech (telecom) in the late 90s, I caught the managed services fever on the growth potential in managed services. I saw all the Gartner and Forrester hockey stick charts on how huge the segment was going to be and how fast it was going to grow. “Hot crackers!” I thought. “I’ve landed in the sweet spot, fresh out of business school!”

While I didn’t know many things then, I have learned some important lessons along the way, not the least of which is to not drink the Kool-Aid on market growth forecasts. I’ve also learned some very important lessons about managed services specifically, and as my first blog post at TSIA, I thought I’d start with one of the broadest, most over-arching takeaways I’ve had, which is that managed services is an orchestra.

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