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James Cho is the director of professional services research and operational best practices for TSIA. In this role, he is responsible for developing and delivering research programs that are focused on helping TSIA member organizations build and optimize professional services. He is also responsible for leading and delivering operational best practices to member organizations. James has over 20 years of experience in technology, operations, analysis, project management, and consulting, including experience in telecom, hardware, software, and professional services.

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Is Resource Management Just About Assigning a Resource to a Project?

Posted by James Cho on 6/28/17 5:00 AM

Do you have a dedicated Resource Management function inside your professional services organization? If so, what are the main tasks, activities, and responsibilities that they perform? The general belief is that resource management is about finding an able and available individual to be assigned to a delivery engagement/project. We at TSIA believe there’s more to it than that.
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Topics: professional services, resource management, professional services organization (PSO), professional services automation (PSA)

The Value of Project Management: How to Communicate it to Sales

Posted by James Cho on 12/14/16 5:00 AM

At TSIA, we've received a lot of inquiries from our members who are having a hard time selling project management with their professional services engagements. In looking at our data and speaking with services sales people, we've found that this issue is just one part of a much larger problem: the value a mature project management capability can bring to a project is not being fully understood on both sides of the deal. After all, if the value of project management isn't being communicated to sales, how can they be expected to convince your customers they need it?

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Topics: professional services, sales, project performance, project management, project manager

Local or Global Resource Management: Which Model is Better?

Posted by James Cho on 6/2/16 6:30 AM

I recall having a conversation many years back with a professional services (PS) leader based in the Netherlands about resource management. He held a strong belief that resource management, or staffing, was better and more efficient when controlled locally or within the geography (or GEO). He was very adamant that staffing managing consultants, contractors, and project managers on billable projects was more effectively accomplished if they were controlled by the professional service organization that resided within the GEO. His justifications were that the GEO was most familiar with the skill sets and the availability of the resources, prior customer engagements/projects, and which resources were better suited with being deployed to customers, as some had very good standing relations with them.

While he had some valid points and justifications, I had a very different view of resource management, which I will share with you now. It's my opinion that moving to a global or central environment for managing staffing needs on billable projects would provide more scalability, efficiency, increase overall utilization, and potentially help to reduce mean-time to delivery. To further explain, here are some thoughts on the challenges and benefits on resource management based on a local/GEO model compared to a global/centralized model.

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Topics: professional services, resource management


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