Welcome New TSIA Members! November Edition

Posted by Andrew Cromey on 11/30/17 5:00 AM

At TSIA, we are dedicated to helping services organizations both large and small grow and advance in the technology industry. We'd like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest members, as well as acknowledge companies already a part of the TSIA community who have recently expanded their membership to include additional research areas TSIA has to offer. Here's a little bit about each company, in their own words.

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Changing Engagement Models

Posted by Thomas Lah on 11/28/17 5:00 AM

In the first article of this series, I made the statement, “Selling technology is becoming a low-growth, low-margin endeavor,” and presented data to back up this sobering statement. In addition, we reviewed the fact that born-in-the-cloud computing companies are enjoying double-digit revenue growth, but they are struggling to be profitable.

So, how do technology companies get back on the track of profitable growth? TSIA’s prescription:

“Embrace as-a-service offers (this is where the revenue is going) that are anchored on business outcomes (not feature functionality, which is commoditizing) and supported by a customer engagement model that cost-effectively drives the adoption, expansion, and renewal of your offers (this is where most tech companies are failing).”

In this final article in my three-part series, we will explore how customer engagement models will need to evolve to better support subscription business models.

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TSW Las Vegas 2017 Keynote Videos Are Now Online!

Posted by Tom Anderson on 11/22/17 5:00 AM

Relive the inspiration of TSW Las Vegas 2017 or see what you missed by watching the mainstage keynote videos online. Did you have a favorite takeaway you wanted to share with your team about how to improve your customer journey? Check out this handy playlist we've put together for you featuring the keynotes from all three days of TSW. 

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5 Things You Need to Know About TSIA Outcome Chains

Posted by Nicole Dornsife on 11/21/17 5:00 AM

If you were at our Technology Services World conference in Las Vegas last month, you likely heard a ton of buzz around TSIA Outcome Chains, our SaaS solution that ties TSIA research, best practices, and frameworks to specific business objectives. That’s because here at TSIA, we’re excited about what Outcome Chains provides our members: a proven path to achieving their desired outcomes. Whether you’re new to TSIA or have been a member for years, here’s a list of 5 things you should know about TSIA Outcome Chains.

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3 Ways "Shifting Left" Speeds Up Support

Posted by Christopher Savio on 11/16/17 5:00 AM

The concept of “shifting left" is an interesting one. In the software world, it means bringing testing and user feedback into the development cycle as early as possible so that developers can produce, and bring to market, a product that is better designed and more aligned with their customers' needs.

In the support world, "shifting left" means something a bit different. It refers to pushing work down and to the left, and ultimately out to self-service when appropriate. In doing so, they can provide end-users with solutions quicker and close tickets faster.

By moving solutions closer to the point of first contact—and closer to the customer's first issue—support can reduce complexity, resolve cases faster, and create more delighted customers. 

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The Time Has Come for Professional Services Knowledge Management: What I Heard at TSW

Posted by John Ragsdale on 11/14/17 5:00 AM

Over the three days of TSIA’s Technology Services World conference in Las Vegas, I had about 20 formal 1:1 meetings with members, and many short conversations in hallways, after presentations, and in the EXPO. A couple of themes emerged, both a bit of a surprise, and I wanted to share what I heard at TSW in this blog post recapping some of the common themes.

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How to Free Up Time for Your Sales Team to Be Heroic

Posted by Steve Frost on 11/9/17 5:00 AM

TSIA’s CEO, J.B. Wood, has often stated that “Growing Annual Recurring Revenue is a process, not a heroic act,” and we at TSIA believe this to our core. We have seen that the process, rather than any one individual or team, “owns” the customer. But when it comes to big deals, especially with new customers or new groups within your customers, your company’s top salespeople are still the only ones for the job. Only they can accomplish the tough tasks of gaining stakeholder alignment, negotiating price and contractual terms, and casting strategic visions. No one else at your company can do what your best salespeople can do. Unfortunately at most companies, that’s not what your salespeople are doing. 
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Designing A Free-to-Fee Offer Strategy for Education Services

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 11/7/17 5:00 AM

Getting your foot in the door of a prospective education services (ES) customer is often as simple as offering a free sample of the value you can bring to their organization. But, free offers shouldn’t just be given away without a strategy. While a free strategy is most commonly employed with new customers, free offers can be sprinkled throughout the customer lifecycle. In this post, I’m going to share some best practices to keep in mind when developing your free-to-fee strategy. 

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Executive’s Guide to Digital Transformation and Monetizing IoT [White Paper]

Posted by Vele Galovski on 11/2/17 5:00 AM

Whether you’re in a traditional industrial equipment, hardware, or healthcare technology company, digital transformation is having a drastic impact on the way your business is run. We’ve explained the details of each step along this transformation journey in our ebook, “Why Services is the Big IoT Opportunity for Hardware Manufacturers,” but what does that mean for executives who need to know how to approach the implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) from a high-level perspective? To provide this overview, we’ve created this white paper, “Executive’s Guide to Digital Transformation and Monetizing IoT,” designed specifically to help executives of traditional manufacturers make informed decisions for the good of their companies in the new age of IoT.

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