Latest Trends Affecting Industrial Equipment

Posted by Harald Kopp on 4/29/16 6:30 AM

It's no secret that smart, connected products have had a noticeable impact on the world we live in over the past few years, especially in the way businesses are run. As part of TSIA's research initiatives, we track the latest industry trends affecting the industrial equipment sector, which includes automation technology, instruments and components, and solution providers leveraging industrial equipment. Here's a preview of my latest findings, which I've published in my paper, " TSIA State of Services for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers 2016".
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Outcome Engineering With TSIA Outcome Chains

Posted by Thomas Lah on 4/27/16 6:30 AM

In our book, B4B, we established that technology suppliers are evolving from simply delivering products to also delivering business outcomes to their customers. Out of this growing trend came a new idea called "outcome engineering," where solutions providers present their customers with clear paths to success using their technology. TSIA is now applying that same concept to help our members improve their service business outcomes by leveraging our research, data, and business frameworks with the help of a new tool, TSIA Outcome Chains

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[SlideShare] Winning in the Cloud Economy: TSW Keynote Preview

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 4/25/16 4:39 PM

Customer expectations have changed dramatically, and technology solutions providers still operating under legacy business models are feeling the pressure to develop new technology-as-a-service (XaaS) offers. While the emergence of cloud models is impacting nearly every business in tech, many are still uncertain of how to make this transition and be profitable. In his opening keynote presentation at TSW San Diego 2016, "Winning in the Cloud Economy," TSIA's executive director, Thomas Lah will be presenting key material from his upcoming book, Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business to help you navigate the impact of the cloud economy and achieve growth and profits. Take a look at this SlideShare for a sneak peek of what you can learn from this inspiring session about how to grow and scale a profitable technology-as-a-service business.

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Leveraging Certification to Drive Adoption

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 4/22/16 6:30 AM

In today’s subscription-centric world, customer churn is like kryptonite. Even in small amounts, it is toxic to the business. It’s therefore not surprising that service organizations are looking for every lever they can pull to drive customer adoption of their solution as a means to help secure subscription renewals.

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[Video] How to Use TSIA's Technology & Services 50 Data Dashboard

Posted by Bryan Girkins on 4/21/16 6:30 AM

Since 2005, TSIA has been tracking service revenue and profit trends in the technology industry in our widely followed Technology & Services 50 index. We aggregate the financial performance of these fifty companies from the public record and identify service revenue and profitability trends, as well as provide critical observations based on the current quarterly update of 50 of the largest global providers of technology services. What's more, TSIA now has an interactive dashboard allowing our members to play around with the data themselves! 

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Welcome New TSIA Members! April Edition

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 4/20/16 6:30 AM

At TSIA, we are dedicated to helping services organizations both large and small grow and advance in the technology industry. We'd like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest members, as well as acknowledge companies already a part of the TSIA community who have recently expanded their membership to include additional service disciplines TSIA has to offer. Here's a little bit about each company, in their own words.

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Behind the Research: Customer Success and Support Services

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 4/19/16 6:30 AM

At TSIA, we provide technology and services businesses with the insights they need to grow, advance, and achieve their desired outcomes in our rapidly evolving industry. At the heart of this in-depth research are TSIA's research executives, who keep their fingers on the pulse of what's new and what's next in technology and services in order to deliver compelling content, best practices, and tools to our members. To highlight the brilliant people behind the research that makes TSIA what it is, we've invited the VP of Customer Success and Support Services research, Judith Platz, to tell us a bit about herself and her thoughts on both the current state and what the future holds in her area of research, customer success and support services.  

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[Video] See What You Can Look Forward to at TSW San Diego 2016

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 4/15/16 6:30 AM

When it comes to sun and surf, San Diego is the place to be. Now, for the first time in nearly a decade, it's also the home of the premier event of the technology and services industry: Technology Services World. Join hundreds of your industry peers May 2-4 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront for 3 days of networking, visionary keynotes by top thought leaders in tech, and get a first look at the latest solutions that can help your business achieve the outcomes you're looking for. Watch this video to catch a glimpse of what you can look forward to by attending TSW in our beautiful new home of San Diego.

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Managed Services for Non-Manufacturers

Posted by George Humphrey on 4/14/16 6:30 AM

At TSIA, we're always talking about how technology providers industry-wide are making the B4B shift from delivering products to services, as well as the increasing importance of providing customer outcomes. While this drastic change might seem like it only applies to product manufacturers, the reality is that non-manufacturers are also feeling an increased pressure to rethink how they gain new and retain existing customers. I'd like to take a minute to highlight how non-manufacturer companies within our managed services membership community are able to apply TSIA research to their operations and successfully adapt.
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Learn from HubSpot CRO Mark Roberge at TSW San Diego 2016

Posted by Nicole Dornsife on 4/13/16 8:28 AM

We're gearing up for an exciting Technology Services World conference full of inspiring sessions about "Tech as a Service: Winning in the Cloud." Joining us this year as a speaker is Mark Roberge, the Chief Revenue Officer for HubSpot's Sales Division, who will be sharing HubSpot's journey to becoming the successful cloud business it is today in his keynote, "Aligning Sales, Services, and Marketing Around Customer Success: HubSpot Case Study". Mark was kind enough to join me for a short Q&A session to share what attendees can expect from his upcoming presentation. The full interview can be viewed on the TSW website, but here's a snippet of what he had to say. 

Editor's Note 11/8/2016: Mark Roberge's presentation is now available to view online!

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4 Guiding Principles for Building Customer Loyalty

Posted by Donna Walker on 4/11/16 6:30 AM

We all know customer satisfaction is more important than ever to building customer loyalty and increasing retention, so it's fascinating to watch some customers display unwavering loyalty, no matter what their favorites brands do. Take the Chipotle food poisoning outbreak for example; after briefly falling from darling status, Chipotle is already setting the stage for a multi-year comeback with their “Better Burger”. And remember when Amazon raised the price of Prime Membership from $79 to $99 annually? We fussed, we complained on social media, but then we renewed anyways. With these examples in mind, here are four guiding principles your organization can use to build that kind of customer loyalty and prevent attrition.

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Introducing a New SaaS Solution at TSW: TSIA Outcome Chains

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 4/7/16 6:30 AM

Big things are happening at TSIA, and we can't wait to show you what we've been up to. For organizations looking to grow, transform, and address the urgent issues facing the technology industry, the next generation of insight is just around the corner. At TSW San Diego 2016, we'll be unveiling a new SaaS solution designed from the ground up to help teams build a better roadmap to the business outcomes they want: TSIA outcome chains.

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TSIA Service Trends Webinar Roundup: Q1 Edition

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 4/6/16 9:11 AM

At TSIA, we are dedicated to helping technology services organizations of all sizes stay on top of the latest best practices for growing and advancing their business. At the beginning of each year, our research team publishes a report of the latest trends affecting their respective area of research and hosts a 30-minute TSIA Pulse webinar going over the highlights. Here's a roundup of the TSIA Pulse sessions from Winter 2016, including the discipline-specific predictions forecasts you might have missed!

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The Art of Support: A Conversation With Francoise Tourniaire

Posted by John Ragsdale on 4/5/16 7:30 AM

In 1996, Francoise Tourniaire published the first edition of The Art of Support. Boy, the world has changed a lot since 1996, and the world of support has radically changed in the last 20 years. I’m happy to report that Francoise is back with a brand new edition of the book, The Art of Support: A Blueprint for Customer Success and Support Organizations, rewritten to reflect the realities of supporting customers today, including impacts such as social, mobile, customer success, new quality measures such as Customer Effort Scores, and a whole lot more. The book is available on Amazon in Kindle format, and available in hard copy from the website. It will be available in hard copy from additional booksellers soon!

Francoise agreed to have a chat with me about the new book, and I wanted to share our conversation with readers of the TSIA blog. Here’s what we discussed. 

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