Introducing The New Managed Services Ebook!

Posted by George Humphrey on 10/28/15 6:30 AM

Thank you everyone for an amazing TSW 2015 Service Transformations conference! I hope you learned a lot about Growing Customers Successfully and came away feeling eager to start applying the lessons learned to your business. In case you missed it, I unveiled my brand new ebook at the conference, “How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes Made in Managed Services.” It’s totally free, and you can download it here! Here’s a brief synopsis of what it’s about.

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Congratulations 2015 STAR Awards Winners!

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 10/26/15 10:55 AM

Thank you everyone for helping make the TSW 2015 Service Transformations conference an unforgettable experience with record high attendance and valuable lessons learned about Growing Customers Successfully. We’d like to take a moment to congratulate the winners of this year's TSIA STAR Awards who were announced on the final day of the conference at the Awards Gala and acknowledge their dedication to excellence!

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Recap: Top Attended Sessions of Day 2 of TSW

Posted by John Ragsdale on 10/21/15 11:00 AM

Today is our final day of Technology Services World in Las Vegas. There are so many hot topics at the event this year, including Customer Success, Expand Selling (ExS), and the Internet of Things (IoT). I think looking at the top attended sessions is a great way to see where the most interest exists, as conference attendees vote with their feet on the topics they care the most about. Here is a look at the five top attended sessions from yesterday. 

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Last Day of TSW 2015 Service Transformations!

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 10/21/15 6:30 AM

Today is the last day of TSW 2015 Service Transformations, but there’s still more fun to be had and lessons to be learned about growing customers and facilitating outcomes. Be sure to take advantage of the remaining conference sessions by taking a look at today’s schedule. Here’s a quick look at what’s in store for the final day of the conference. 

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Recap: Top Attended Sessions of Day 1 of TSW

Posted by John Ragsdale on 10/20/15 1:56 PM

Greetings from the fabulous ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas! Our Technology Services World conference kicked off yesterday with keynotes and “Power Hour” presentations from the research team. I spent most of yesterday in meetings with TSIA partners, including my Partner Advisory Board meeting, a sessions with our Consulting Alliance Partners (CAP), as well as a kickoff meeting for all the exhibitors in the TSW | EXPO. Each year I speak to the exhibitors to give them an overview of hot trends and the top service business challenges of our members.

Having hit our goal of 1,500 attendees, all of the afternoon Power Hour sessions were very well attended. Here were the top three attended sessions for yesterday.

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What’s On Tap for Day 2 of TSW

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 10/20/15 6:30 AM

Rise and shine! We have an eventful day lined up for you here at TSW 2015 Service Transformations starting bright and early. Get ready for even more great sessions, discussions, and networking events on day two of the conference! 

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It’s Opening Day at TSW 2015 Service Transformations!

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 10/19/15 3:08 PM

TSW 2015 Service Transformations begins today at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, and we’ve already seen a record high attendance of over 1,500 leading players in the technology services industry. Are you excited to engage with your peers and industry experts about Growing Customers Successfully? Here’s a look at what’s happening on day one of the conference!

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Adoption and Outcome Offers: An Example from Michelin

Posted by Harald Kopp on 10/15/15 6:30 AM

In my IoT blog series I wrote with Vele Galovski, we introduced the remote services continuum as a framework to help companies navigate the industry transformation through IoT/smart services and focus on customer outcomes. In this post, I’ll be using examples from Michelin to discuss how services designed to help customers maximize their usage of technical capabilities (Adoption Services) as well as services designed to deliver specific business outcomes (Outcome Services) are rapidly emerging.

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Topics: outcome-based services, adoption services, industrial equipment, internet of things (IoT), smart services

Selling Managed Services: Which Sales Model is Best?

Posted by George Humphrey on 10/14/15 6:30 AM

As more companies begin to leverage managed services in their transition to a more outcome-based business model, developing the right sales strategy is at top of mind. However, due to longer sales cycles, higher cost of sales, and higher risk/reward opportunities, selling managed services is quite different than selling any other kind of technology. (Tweet this!) Providers can no longer take the “same old sales” approach if they’re to achieve their ROI, but must ensure they have the right processes and people in place to properly sell managed services. 

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[SlideShare] Outcome Engineering: TSW Keynote Preview

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 10/13/15 6:30 AM

In order to grow your customers successfully, you need to make sure they’re able to find value with your solution by achieving their desired business outcomes. To properly guide your customers down the right path to success, you’ll first need to gain a deeper understanding of their goals, but where do you start? In his keynote presentation at our upcoming TSW 2015 Service Transformations conference, “Outcome Engineering”, TSIA’s executive director, Thomas Lah, will share how outcome engineering drives revenue growth. Take a look at this SlideShare for a sneak preview of what you can learn from this informative presentation!

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How Free Offers Lead to Paid Opportunities

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 10/9/15 6:30 AM

Historically, education services professionals have shied away from incorporating free offers into their business strategy, which is likely due to common misconceptions about what “free” actually means. There’s a big difference between something that is free by design and something that is free by discount, but both offers can benefit your business when applied correctly. In this post, I’ll explain how free offers can fit into your pricing strategy and open up new opportunities to grow your customer base.

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4 Reasons to Steal Shamelessly

Posted by Vele Galovski on 10/8/15 6:30 AM

“Picasso had a saying ‘good artists copy, great artists steal’ and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas” – Steve Jobs

I already know what you’re thinking; we’ve all been taught since a very young age that stealing is bad. We place a lot of greatness on the innovators, the people who came up with the new idea, saying, “We don’t copy, we create. We don’t follow, we lead.” Unfortunately, this inability to adopt game changing ideas and incorporate them into our daily operations simply because it “wasn’t invented here” can slow us down, and inhibits company growth. In this post, I’ll show you why it’s okay to shamelessly steal, as long as you give credit of course, and why it’s a great way to quickly drive breakthroughs within your organization.

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Services Support Metrics: Jointly Creating a Standard

Posted by Phil Verghis on 10/6/15 9:00 AM

It’s pretty ironic that the simpler and more elegant a solution is for your customers, the more difficult it is for you to consistently deliver on that promise. This is particularly true when you provide services in the “cloud” or depend on other company’s clouds to deliver your offerings.

In a world where customers increasingly judge your support against best-in-class consumer support, how do we support executives give customers a superior experience, employees a rewarding work culture, and continue to scale massively, all without breaking the bank?

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The State of Knowledge Management: 2015

Posted by John Ragsdale on 10/2/15 6:30 AM

TSIA's third annual knowledge management survey is complete, and the results clearly show how difficult it is for companies to get the people, process, and technology of knowledge management (KM) right. I am currently working on the findings, and will be publishing two research reports as well as presenting the findings in my Power Hour presentation at our upcoming TSW 2015 Service Transformations conference in Las Vegas this October. Here's a sneak preview of a few early findings.

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Don't Get Caught Off Guard By A Poor Customer Experience

Posted by Dennis Gershowitz on 10/1/15 6:30 AM

About six weeks ago, I shipped a piece of art via a highly reputable shipper. I will spare you the details of this fiasco, but needless to say, for a company prides itself in its branding as delivering the highest level of customer experience, I have to wonder how much truth there is behind their claim. My misfortune brings up the point that every company looking to maintain a good reputation with their customers should always be asking themselves, "Would our customer experience be considered positive or negative?"

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