TSIA Service Trends Webinar Roundup: Summer Edition

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 8/28/15 6:30 AM

At TSIA, we are dedicated to helping technology services organizations of all sizes stay on top of the latest best practices for growing and advancing their business. Our 30-minute TSIA Pulse webinars are a great way to hear directly from our research team about how emerging industry trends are affecting their respective service discipline, and what you can do to stay current. The majority of this quarter’s Pulse sessions touch on the topic of customer adoption and what you can do to make sure your customers are not only purchasing your solutions, but are using them effectively to achieve their desired outcomes. Here’s a list of this quarter’s TSIA Pulse webinars, in case you missed it! (Tweet this!)

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Topics: customer adoption, webinars

What I Heard at the CRM Evolution Conference 2015

Posted by John Ragsdale on 8/27/15 6:30 AM

Last week I attended the CRM Evolution Conference in New York, which is always a good show to hear the latest trends in marketing, sales and service automation. I gave presentations on social support with B2B companies, and the impact of mobility on field service, as well as participating in a panel discussion on launching and managing successful communities. Here’s a recap of some of the most interesting conversations I had or session topics I sat in on.

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Topics: customer relationship management (CRM)

3 Tips for a Successful Professional Services Organization: Part 1

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 8/25/15 6:30 AM

While the technology services industry is moving toward outcome-based services, most professional services organizations have to be able to adapt and transform even as they defend, protect, and improve their Level 2 capabilities. In other words, they have to walk and chew gum at the same time! In this three-part series, I’ll be detailing the three main capabilities successful PS executives are developing in order to avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on the new opportunities presented by the current state of the technology industry. 

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Topics: professional services, professional services organization (PSO), Tips for a Successful PSO

[Infographic] 3 Ways to Grow Your Support Revenue

Posted by Julia Stegman on 8/20/15 6:30 AM

When it comes to choosing the best method for growing your maintenance and support revenue, there are several viable options available to you. In this infographic, we’ve used the data from the 2015 TSIA Service Revenue Generation Benchmark Study to offer up three levers you can pull to increase your revenue. We’ve also outlined the effects on your business and examples of the types of results you can expect from each method.
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Topics: service revenue generation, levers of growth, infographic

Your Strategy for Escaping the Complexity Avalanche

Posted by Vele Galovski and Harald Kopp on 8/18/15 6:30 AM

In our previous blog post, we shared an extraordinary earnings report from GE that highlighted the revenue-generating capability of IoT by combining smart, connected products with smart services. When GE Aviation collects 5,000 data points per second from “tip to tail” sensors, the knowledge gained from analyzing the data can drive condition-based maintenance, fuel savings, and risk reduction, all of which result in greater bottom-line profitability for their customer and incremental revenue for GE.

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Topics: industrial equipment, internet of things (IoT), Intro to IoT, smart services

[Breaking News] Verint Systems Acquires Telligent: Customer Community Core to Customer Engagement Strategy

Posted by John Ragsdale on 8/17/15 5:00 AM

When I first began publishing research on customer communities as a self-service channel in 2004, few companies had a community, and most were afraid of the “free-for-all” nature of discussion forums, fearful of what customers might say. Today, communities are a critical channel in supporting customers (and partners), allowing expert customers to answer other users’ questions and weigh in on any issue based on their own unique experiences. 

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Topics: customer success, knowledge management, social support, online communities, online support, customer engagement

[Video] Learn How to Grow Customers at the 2015 Sales and Marketing Summit

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 8/13/15 6:30 AM

Want to learn how to grow your customers and accelerate revenue growth from a sales and marketing approach? Come hear TSIA’s senior vice president of membership development, René Grossrieder, present best practices for growing customers at scale at this year’s Dynamic Disruption Sales and Marketing Summit on October 9 in TSIA’s hometown of San Diego. (Tweet this!)
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Topics: sales, video, SaaS (software-as-a-service), summit, marketing, collaboration

Building a Strategy for the Future of Education Services

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 8/11/15 6:30 AM

With the industry rapidly evolving and changing, the education services organization of the future is likely to look different than the current model. But what will the education services organization of the future look like, and what is the best strategy for transitioning from current to future state? To help answer these questions, I’m providing a snapshot of my 2015 Education Services Strategy Block. It is divided into four critical categories that provide a framework for helping you and your organization make this transition.
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Topics: education services, LaaS (learning-as-a-service), content development, free offers

Funding Customer Success: 5 Questions to Help You Get Started

Posted by Judith Platz on 8/6/15 6:30 AM

Each day, I talk to members of TSIA’s Customer Success and Support discipline, and while the topics of those conversations are unique to each member, I have noticed some common struggles. This year alone, I have seen more members set up customer success organizations than ever before, which confirms what we already know: customer success is not just a growing trend, but is here to stay. When I work with our members on defining their charter, discussing key KPIs, compensation for Customer Success Managers (CSMs), and organizational structure, I test on a number of practices, but one practice in which I see the most weakness is in customer success funding. 

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Topics: customer success

You're Invited to Participate in the 2015 Knowledge Management Survey!

Posted by John Ragsdale on 8/4/15 6:30 AM

I’m pleased to announce that TSIA’s 4th annual Knowledge Management Best Practices Survey is now open! (Tweet this!) Everyone is invited to participate in this five-minute survey, which consists of questions that cover all service areas, including customer support, field service, professional services, and more. By participating, you’ll be helping technology companies like yours uncover best practices and key trends relating to consolidation of knowledge management, content management, and enterprise collaboration.

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