3 Ways to Move from Free to Fee: Education Services

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 3/31/15 9:07 AM

There is a lot of discussion in education services organizations over what content should be free, and what should be fee-based. I refer to this as the “free to fee continuum." While it’s becoming more common to offer free content, the age-old fear has been that if content is available for free, it will negatively impact the fee-based business. Fortunately for education services, there is a concept that can help counter this fear called “land and expand.”

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6 Field Services Trends to Look for in 2015: Part 1

Posted by Vele Galovski on 3/26/15 6:30 AM

With major change affecting the technology services industry as a whole, it’s important to stay on top of how emerging trends can affect your business. Based on the results of TSIA’s most recent research and member survey responses, here are 3 of the top 6 trends affecting field services to keep any eye on in 2015.
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How Your Cloud Company Can Drive Customer Success at Scale

Posted by Thomas Lah on 3/25/15 10:51 AM

Subscription renewals are essential to the financial health of your cloud company. After landing the initial subscription sale, you must continue to be proactive in driving customer adoption to secure the renewal and minimize churn. To do this, many SaaS companies are investing in customer success organizations to ensure subscription renewals and create fertile ground for customer revenue expansion activities. TSIA has developed a step-by-step framework for cloud companies to use as a guide for establishing and driving customer success. Here’s a sampling of three of the key steps to help you get started down the right path.  

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You're Invited To Learn About Expand Selling!

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 3/24/15 6:30 AM

Looking to accelerate revenue growth with your existing customers through cost efficient selling models and motions? At TSIA, we refer to this as “Expand Selling,” and you will have the opportunity to explore this emerging concept at our upcoming conference, TSW 2015 Best Practices, May 4-6. Join us for several hosted sessions, including the Expand Selling Power Hour, where TSW attendees will get a first-hand look at TSIA’s research and insights on Expand Selling, as well as emerging experiences from TSIA member companies.

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3 Ways for Education Services to Get Ahead in 2015

Posted by Maria Manning-Chapman on 3/19/15 10:30 AM

One of TSIA’s primary goals is to help technology services organizations continue to effectively run their services businesses, while adapting to the changes that are necessary to survive and thrive in the future. This year, we’ve identified three key organizational capabilities education services should be leveraging to stay ahead of industry trends. (Tweet this!)

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Topics: education services, service capabilities, organizational capabilities

Why Are You Measuring That? A Guide to Consumption Analytics

Posted by Jeremy DalleTezze on 3/17/15 9:22 AM

A common question I receive from TSIA member companies is, “What consumption metrics are people measuring?” While I could give generic examples, they likely won’t apply to every individual case. Here are a few ways the emerging new area of consumption analytics can help you identify the right metrics you should be tracking in order to receive the most valuable insights into your operation. 

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Global Technology Survey is Now Open! Free Research Report for Participating

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 3/13/15 6:30 AM

TSIA's 10th annual Global Technology Survey is now open! This survey will measure the adoption, satisfaction, and planned spending of tools and services used by customer support, professional services, education services, managed services, and field services. Participation is open to all, and everyone who takes part in the survey will receive a free copy of "The 2015 TSIA Heatmap." Don't delay, survey ends on March 31!

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Now Accepting Nominations For The TSIA STAR Awards!

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 3/12/15 6:30 AM

Do you have what it takes to be a STAR? TSIA is celebrating the 25 th anniversary of the STAR Awards this year at our October TSW conference in Las Vegas. Nominations are being accepted March 16 through May 30, so don’t miss out on your chance to win this prestigious award!
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4 Questions To Help You Optimize For Customer Success

Posted by Judith Platz on 3/10/15 6:30 AM

For companies operating on a subscription-based business model, there’s an immense amount of pressure to keep customers engaged enough to renew their contracts. Customers today are expecting to receive even more value for their dollar, so how do we as an industry show them the value we can provide? While no one knows your product or service better than you do, you should get to know your customers just as well, and that’s where building customer success capabilities within your organization can help. 

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Topics: customer success, optimization

TSIA Executive Director to Keynote at Customer Success Summit 2015

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 3/6/15 6:30 AM

Executive director of TSIA, Thomas Lah, will be speaking at Totango’s Customer Success Summit 2015, which will take place March 23-24 in San Francisco. Don’t miss his keynote presentation, “Seven Steps to Customer Success at Scale,” where he will reveal the secret to building a thriving customer success capability within your organization. 

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What Does the Internet Think About Your Company?

Posted by John Ragsdale on 3/5/15 6:30 AM

With the advent of social sharing, the world has become a very public place, putting professional organizations under the microscope more than ever before. The Internet never forgets, and it’s crucial to not only monitor what is being said about your company, but also to be vigilant about the message you convey to the public. 

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Going Out With A Bang: Our Last TSW Conference In Silicon Valley

Posted by Technology Services Industry Association on 3/3/15 6:30 AM

We’ve had a wonderful 8 years in Silicon Valley, but starting in 2016, TSW Best Practices will be moving to a new city. Before we say goodbye to Santa Clara, we’re going to give our host city the love it deserves by making this year’s conference an unforgettable affair full of unparalleled insights, networking events and, of course, fun! Here are just some of the things you can look forward to at TSW 2015 Best Practices. 

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