Measuring the Impact of Utilization: The Two PS Charters

Posted by Bo Di Muccio on 6/24/14 2:15 PM

Utilization continues to be a hot topic of discussion and debate, and for good reason. Of all the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tracked by professional services (PS) organizations, utilization arguably provides the greatest, most telling insight into a PSO’s operational performance, so getting it right is important. In this article, I’ll share one of the core fundamentals for effectively measuring and setting targets for utilization.

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Topics: key performance indicator (KPI), professional services, benchmarking, professional services organization (PSO)

Creating a Powerful, Entrepreneurial On-Site Sales Force

Posted by Vele Galovski on 6/23/14 12:34 PM


Nothing happens in any business until a sale is made. There is no order to fulfill, no customer to serve, no money to count. So who do you entrust with this all-important job? Everyone.

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Topics: sales, field services

Redefining Customer Experience for the Cloud -- Part 2

Posted by Neil Jain and Singu Srinivas on 6/12/14 12:46 PM

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed two of the four key imperatives that software customer experience executives can use to help them develop and operate a new MCR model for the next stage of cloud services growth: Monetizing Additional Offerings and Embracing New Delivery Channels. Read on as we outline two additional imperatives that will help you get to the next level: Proactively Managing Customer Success and Rethinking Professional Services. If you haven't yet read Part 1, please review here.

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Topics: customer success, customer experience, cloud, revenue growth, customer retention, professional services, SaaS (software-as-a-service)

Redefining Customer Experience for the Cloud -- Part 1

Posted by Neil Jain and Singu Srinivas on 6/10/14 12:23 PM

In an increasingly cloud-based world, delivering a world-class customer experience is a whole new ballgame for many technology companies. Given the recurring revenue centric approach of most cloud offerings, software, hardware and infrastructure company executives are realizing that the post-sale operating model is critical for reaching profitability goals as their businesses scale. Maintenance, Customer Support, and Retention (MCR) functions need to move to the forefront and become the most essential areas to drive profitability within the subscription model.

Understanding how best to operate, organize and enable these functions are critical for exceeding customer expectations, delivering business benefits and growing the downstream recurring revenue base for each account.

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Topics: customer loyalty, customer experience, cloud, customer retention, customer experience management, customer support, SaaS (software-as-a-service)

The Vital Pricing Role of Sales Management

Posted by Tim Matanovich on 6/6/14 1:02 PM


Sales managers have a full plate, no doubt. Their role is vital. They manage the human resources that connect all of our businesses to our customers. This article discusses the role of those managers as they specifically relate to the pricing process.

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Topics: professional services, services pricing, sales

What to Look for When Outsourcing Field Service Operations to a Third-Party Provider

Posted by Jodi Beuder on 6/3/14 2:04 PM

If you manage a field service team as part of your technical service operations, you understand how difficult, time-consuming, and costly it can be to finesse the logistics so that your field service operations are profitable. You may be wondering,"Is hiring a third-party provider to manage my field service operations a cost-effective solution? Will third-party providers meet my standards for customer service?" Outsourcing field service operations can be a wise move, but as with any large business shift, you need to carefully examine your options.

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Topics: spare parts logistics, field services, outsourcing, TSIA Partners


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