1-2-3 Strategize: Creating an Effective Strategic Plan for Support

Posted by Francoise Tourniaire on 8/27/13 8:32 AM

“The typical audience for strategic planning is the senior management team—but consider adding special guests to enhance the process, such as a marketing contributor or a senior support engineer. It’s a great development opportunity for them, and it will significantly benefit the planning exercise by bringing in solid practical expertise.”

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Topics: support, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction

OK, Our Metrics Are Broken. So What Can I Do?

Posted by David Kay on 8/8/13 6:28 AM


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Topics: customer success, metrics, customer satisfaction, service level agreement (SLA), TSIA Partners

Patience Is Bitter

Posted by George Humphrey on 8/5/13 6:59 AM

The final installment in a blog mini-series on the five biggest mistakes an organization can make when looking to start a managed services (MS) business (and how to avoid them). By TSIA MS expert George Humphrey. 

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Topics: managed services, Managed Services Mistakes

Five Things That Are Changing Software Education

Posted by Suzanne Hite on 8/1/13 8:40 AM

TSIA’'s Maria Manning-Chapman was recently featured in a great new HP Software Education blog article. We thought we would share this with our readers as well. It’'s a spot-on discussion regarding five key trends that shaping the way IT education is delivered.

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Topics: mobile learning, education services, training


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