Those Who Don’t Learn from Their Mistakes (and Others’) Are Bound to Repeat Them

Posted by George Humphrey on 6/25/13 2:38 PM

The title of this article is a twist of an actual George Santayana quote:

""Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it."

Managed services (MS) brought to market by a technology company are often fraught with frustrating challenges. Many companies make the same mistakes over and over. Yes, I have personal experience here. On more than one occasion, I personally made the same mistake. Okay, mistakes.

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Quantifying the Benefits of Services and Solutions

Posted by Kyle Andrews on 6/18/13 3:20 PM

To quantify benefits, customers must perceive value. It goes without saying that sellers are a critical part of that process. Whether it's the product salespeople who are responsible for selling services, or a dedicated services sales team, the services portion of the solution must be positioned early enough in the customer's buying process to be considered an important component of addressing the business problem they're trying to solve.

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The Perpetual State of a Knowledge Management Project

Posted by Diane Berry on 6/14/13 1:36 PM

"“Knowledge is both personal and contextual. No two individuals will take the exact same path to achieve knowledge, as each will always have different experiences and levels of understanding.”"  

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Technology: The Pathway to Improving the Customer Experience

Posted by Dennis Gershowitz on 6/11/13 4:43 PM

"Technology is opening up the pathway to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty under the umbrella of customer experience management."”

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Topics: customer experience management

The Future of Knowledge Management & Access

Posted by Diane Berry on 6/7/13 2:47 PM

“The future of learning and knowledge management is not about practice or process—it’s about access and interaction, enabling people to follow their own paths through information based on their own levels of knowledge and experience.”

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Topics: knowledge management, Technology Services World Conference

Making (Worthwhile) Recommendations at the Right Time

Posted by Jodi Cicci on 6/4/13 12:47 PM

“I realize how valuable it is to have someone make a solid recommendation based on your specific requirements—and explain the alternatives in terms that make sense.”

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