The Need for Speed: What Faster Service Means for Customer Experience

Posted by Carol Blanchar on 4/30/13 1:12 PM

Products and solutions are changing at an increasing rate in the technology industry. These changes often require professional and technical service teams to implement a comprehensive transition throughout the business, across channels and through delivery and support, in order to ultimately safeguard the end customer or user experience. 

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Topics: customer experience, support services, value-added services, customer support, service delivery channels, project management, collaboration

Change Management: Key to Avoiding a Failed Knowledge Management Implementation

Posted by Randy Mysliviec on 4/29/13 2:38 PM

As the competition is increasing every day, organizations are having a difficult time maintaining and exceeding their customer satisfaction goals. Happy customers always help organizations with repeat business, extending contracts and spreading word of mouth in the industry, thus providing organizations with leads to get new contracts/customers.

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Topics: knowledge management, customer satisfaction, organizational change, organizational culture

Attain Real Visibility to Drive Predictable Performance

Posted by Steven Sexton and Robert Armour on 4/22/13 3:41 PM

Business leaders are under extreme pressure to increase their contribution to overall business profitability revenue growth and customer success. Unfortunately, they struggle to deliver greater financial return without the visibility to understand current and future performance, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and stop repeating mistakes. The result is services leadership trying to bail a boat with a leaking bucket and rough seas still to navigate. 

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Topics: performance management, automation, value proposition, professional services, project performance, professional services automation (PSA)

State of Services Technology: 2013

Posted by John Ragsdale on 4/18/13 4:00 PM

TSIA members had record planned spending in 2012–-2013, making long overdue updates to aging CRM and knowledge infrastructure, while investing in tools to increase transparency and enable real-time and proactive reporting. Planned spending across the 24 categories of tools and services covered by the TSIA Heatmap is very high. Here's how service organizations looked to technology for automation and streamlining in 2013.

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Topics: education services, social media, knowledge management, mobility, automation, managed services, support services, service revenue generation, professional services, customer relationship management (CRM), data analytics, proactive support, field services, professional services automation (PSA), collaboration

Welcome to Inside Technology Services - Enjoy the Ride!

Posted by Suzanne Hite on 4/15/13 2:45 PM

Welcome to Inside Technology Services. What is it? Well, technically, it's a blog. Non-technically, it's where you will come to learn about what is inside the world of technology services. Here is where you can come to learn about who, what, where, when and why about what makes our industry tick.
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Topics: services, services executives, technology services, business growth


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